Find a Scent that Suits You with One of the Best Colognes for Men

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Like fine wine and fashion, personal taste can be a tricky situation when it comes to choosing a scent that suits you. You never want to pick a scent that comes on too strong, but if you are going to wear cologne, you want to wear a fragrance that leaves an impression. Some of the best colognes for men can make all the difference in building a man’s confidence and appeal.

Because this decision is harder than it appears, The Manual is here to provide you with a collection of colognes that we heartily approve of. With masculine, warm, and fresh aromas — some strong, some subtle — there is sure to be your scent lurking among the best colognes for men.

Calvin Klein Euphoria – 3.4 oz. $80


Addictive. Masculine. Sexy. Euphoria men invites you to reach beyond your limits and experience your most intense desires. This fresh oriental fragrance blends modern crispness and aromatic spices with a sexy, creamy signature.

Top Notes: ginger pepper cocktail, raindrop accord, chilled sudachi.
Middle Notes: black basil, sage and cedar leaf.
Base Notes: amber, patchouli, Brazilian redwood and creamy suede.

Looking for a richer scent? Their new Intense Euphoria blend boasts darker notes of wood and spices.

Acqua Di Parma Essenza Eau De Cologne Spray – 3.4 oz. $110


What a great fragrance! Citrus smelling in the beginning, but during the dry down there is a very clean fresh powdery smell. Longevity is six to eight hours. During the day I find myself occasionally smelling the spot where applied this cologne. Acqua Di Parma is known for quality ingredients and this fragrance delivers.

Acqua di Giò for Men by Giorgio Armani – 3.4 oz. $85


This cologne is inspired by Giorgio Armani’s island paradise of Pantelleria, which is located off the coast of Sicily. Fitting for its Mediterranean inspiration, the scent contains green tangerine zest, rock rose, rosemary, persimmon, and jasmine. The fragrance aims to “embrace nature’s contrasts” and, even if you don’t completely understand what that means, you’ll be pleased with the result.

Polo Ralph Lauren Red Intense – 1.36 oz. $54


Polo Red Intense is intoxicating to say the least. Consisting of red ginger, rich leather, and roasted coffee, this packs a powerful scent which ignites the adventurous side of every man while still managing to not overpower the nostrils. This blend is perfect for date nights, classy dinners, or anywhere you see fit to command the air around you.

Aventus by Creed – 2.5 oz. $375


France-based fragrance brand Creed is arguably at the top of the best colognes for men group, offering a complex cocktail of rich, fruity notes that surely holds up to its retail price. With bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, apple, and pineapple notes off the top, it’s finished with a musky vanilla that is as masculine as wrestling a bear. Aventus was inspired by the life of a historic emperor, one who celebrated a driven life of strength, power, and success during his reign.

Source Adage NYC’s aka’ula and c’i’aan – 1.7 oz. $160


Hudson-based ambient fragrance brand, source adage NYC is a favorite here at The Manual, so seeing them here with the best colognes for men should come as no surprise. They offer two unique scents, which can be purchased in a sample kit for just $5 so you can try each before making a concrete decision. There’s the island spiced, volcanic aroma of aka’ula, which was inspired by Hawaii, as well as the resin, woodsy, and fresh arctic notes of c’i’aan, inspired by Alaska.

Duke Cannon Cologne Balm $24.50


In their 3000-year history, colognes have endured interesting textures and application methods. Duke Cannon Supply Co. went the solid cologne route and it can be a game-changer when used correctly. Because it’s a balm, it comes rather concentrated and potent; so, be wary when applying. Nonetheless, with three commanding, yet pleasant scents — air (Open skies), land (Redwood), sea (Naval Supremacy) — Duke Cannon is sure to have a cologne that’ll suit your personality.

Burberry London for Men – 1.7 oz. $60


Burberry is a brand that signifies class and sophistication and their men’s fragrance is no different. Men of all ages and distinctions will agree that this is a cologne that will never go out of style. With top notes of bergamot, lavender, fresh mint and thyme and solar notes of amber and cedar wood, Burberry London achieves a balance that makes it anything but a seasonal fragrance.