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Robert Haynes-Peterson

Robert Haynes-Peterson

Robert Haynes-Peterson has been covering wine, spirits, cocktails, travel, and luxury lifestyle (you know, all the hard stuff) for some time now. His articles appear regularly at, WhereNY, and AskMen, and less regularly at Daily Beast, Time Out New York, SeriousEats and elsewhere. When not throwing back the latest trendy cocktail, he’s catching up on a massively backlogged Netflix queue. You’ll also find him posting his exploits and opinions at @haynespeterson on Instagram and @roberthp on Twitter.

sipping whiskey fire

The Best American Whiskey For Every Kind of Father (Who Likes Whiskey)

Forget ties, get dad what he really wants -- whiskey!
nomad outland whisky 1

Nomad Outland Whisky Review: Scotch That Isn’t Scotch

If you like the popularity of sherry-finished Scotch whiskies and the trend for forward-thinking blends from Scotland, let us introduce you to Nomad Outland Whisky.
prairie organic spirits farming initiative gin bottles

Prairie Organic Vodka Wants to Inspire More Organic Farming

Prairie Organic Spirits has been in the organic game for a while, but now they are working with farmers to grow the industry even more. Here's why.
best wines for tinder dates bence boros 354460 unsplash

9 Best Wines for Every Kind of Tinder Date

There are many types of Tinder dates in the world, so we've paired a wine to go with each one. From the eco-friendly, to the straight-up hook-up, there's a wine to pair with each type of rendezvous.
plastic straws drinking straw and waste getty images

Why Ditching Plastic Straws in Drinks Is Important

Disposable plastic straws contribute to massive amounts of environmentally harmful waste. The hospitality industry is helping tackle this issue by ditching the use of straws in bars and restaurants — and you should.
the polynesian tiki bar nyc interior 2 noah fecks

10 Reasons to Care about The New Polynesian Bar, NYC’s Newest Tiki Bar

The opening of New York City's newest Tiki bar, The Polynesian, is important for many reasons. Ten of them to be exact, including its location and the fact that is is owned by a "pirate."
blake anderson cinco equis

How Workaholic’s Blake Anderson Helps Dos Equis Keep it Interesante (Video)

This week, Dos Equis launched special-edition cans in New York City and Texas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Dubbed Cinco Equis, the cans have, well, five X's. We chatted with new spokesperson and 'Workaholics' star Blake Anderson about the no-f***s-given attitude of the campaign.
spicy cocktails recipe tips hot sauce tequila sunrise pc in the raw

How to Craft Your Own Spicy Cocktails at Home

While micheladas, Bloody Marys, and even margaritas are are practically begging for a little hot sauce or sliced jalapeños, why limit yourself? If you're read to craft an original spicy cocktail recipe, keep these tips in mind.
how to buy a round of drinks bar front sign

How to Buy a Round of Drinks for the Bar

Ever thought about buying drinks for everyone in the bar? You can pull off this generous move without going broke (or embarrassing yourself). Here's the guide on how to do it right.
novo fogo pour

Do-Gooder Booze: Save the World by Drinking these 11 Liquor Brands

Some liquor brands steep their mission statement and daily operations in countless good causes. These companies live and breath making the world a better place, one bottle at a time.

There’s a Bar in Manhattan Offering $80 Cocktails

todd mcfarlane spawn comic book

How Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Keeps Forging His Own Path

Most of us are lucky to accomplish one really cool thing in our lives. Todd McFarlane — comic book artist, indie entrepreneur, collectible figurine designer, and soon-to-be filmmaker — has a long streak of accomplishments that won't stop. We chatted with McFarlane about comics, sports, a Spawn movie, dreams, and more.
wine stoppers

Put a Cork In It? The Pros and Cons of Different Wine Stoppers

Corks, screw caps, synthetics, glass tops — there are all sorts of ways to seal a bottle of wine (or whiskey). Here's a quick rundown of everything we've know about "closures" or "stoppers," particularly natural corks and screw caps
viski lewis bag

Why You Need a Lewis Bag to Make Better Cocktails at Home

Want crushed ice but don't have a blender? Take our your pent-up frustration and make your own perfectly crushed ice with a Lewis Bag and accompanying mallet.
natural light jake johnson

Natty Light and Jake Johnson Want to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Jake Johnson has teamed up with Natural Light to help pay $1 million worth of student loan debt. We chat with Johnson about the campaign, "New Girl," and more.
wine futures

Wine Futures: How to Buy Nice Bordeaux on the Cheap(er)

Like wine clubs, wine futures allow you to dive deeper new bottles of Bordeaux, all while saving money and building collector cred.