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How Workaholic’s Blake Anderson Helps Dos Equis Keep it Interesante (Video)

This week, Dos Equis (once home to the Most Interesting Man in The World) launched special-edition cans in New York City and Texas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Dubbed Cinco Equis, the cans have more than twice as many X’s (so, five X’s). That’s all that’s special about them … and Dos Equis knows it. Even better, they’re cool with it. On the cans themselves, you’ll find the disclaimer “The Exact Same Beer, Just With More Equis.”

Since the brew is nothing new, Dos Equis created a series of videos urging people to “keep it Interesante” by buttering up their real-life stories with just enough fantasy to wow interested parties. (My own story involves a rattlesnake that has gotten bigger, closer, and more aggressive every time I tell it).

To help promote the cool new cans (the ones with five X’s) and the no-f***s-given attitude of the campaign, Dos Equis brought on the extremely candid and funny Blake Anderson. He spent seven seasons on Comedy Central’s irreverent series Workaholics and more recently appeared in the Netflix Exclusive film Game On, Man!, which dropped in March with Workaholics co-creators and co-stars Adam DeVine and Anders Holm.

Check out our interview with Anderson above to find out which aspect of life he thinks should involve “dolphins, guns and explosions” and what might be best described as “Workaholics. Die Hard. Penises.” You can also see Anderson “push beer” (and possibly shampoo?) to “keep it interesante” in the Cinco Equis commercial below:

CINCO EQUIS ft. Blake Anderson
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