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Top 11 D&D Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

In a world where everybody with a microphone has their own podcast, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from, even when you’re looking at a specific category. There are plenty of great board game podcasts, but even inside the narrow topic area of Dungeons & Dragons, there’s a wide array of podcasts you can choose from. Those podcasts come in a range of styles and vary in length as well, but what may be even more important is whether you vibe with the personalities of the hosts.

There are plenty of intangible factors behind a good podcast, even beyond what looks good on paper. Some people like well-produced shows that are cleanly edited, while others are looking for something that’s a little bit looser and feels more like a natural conversation. Thankfully, there’s a podcast out there for you no matter what you like in a podcast and what you’re looking for in a D&D podcast in particular. Below, we’ll share with you our choices for the top D&D podcasts.

What D&D Podcast Should I Listen To?

The Dimension 20 logo.

Determining which D&D podcast you should listen to depends in large part on what you’re interested in. Some podcasts are focused on immersing you in play, and they spend the entire episode engrossed in the game. Of course, that can lead to moments of frustration, but it’s a great substitute for those who can’t get enough of the game by just playing it themselves.

There are also related concepts that tell stories set within the world of D&D, and others that focus on highlighting the rules and strategies that go into the game. Each of these podcasts is good for people with different levels of experience, so those looking for a D&D podcast can likely find one to get into whether they’re a total novice or someone much more experienced. Of course, you’re welcome to try any podcast you want, but some may be a little intense at first for people who are less familiar with the game.

Are There Any Good D&D Podcasts?

The Adventure Zone podcast logo

Take a look at these podcasts, which are great D&D podcasts for whatever you might be looking for.

Critical Role

critical role dungeons and dragons podcast

“Critical Role” is one of the most popular podcasts, and it features an all-star lineup of voice actors playing through a regular D&D game.


Not Another D&D Podcast

not another dnd podcastThis D&D podcast comes from the folks at College Humor and they take on the same idea while injecting their own acerbic sense of humor.

Dungeon Delve

dungeon delve podcast.“Dungeon Delve” is another great play-through podcast that features live-play D&D adventures in a podcast format.

If you’re looking for a podcast that isn’t just gameplay, consider one or more of these choices:

  • “The Black Dice Society” takes a horror spin on the world of D&D.
  • “BomBARDed” features a crew that will roll a dice and then write a song on the spot at least one time during the course of each episode.
  • “Dragon Talk,” meanwhile, covers new D&D releases and also features interviews with many popular D&D streamers.
  • “The Adventure Zone” is a play-through podcast, but it features the McElroy brothers, who are already well known in the world of podcasting.

Where Can I Find D&D Podcasts?

Spotify podcasts

If you’re looking for the best D&D podcasts, the ideal place to start is by doing some research online. Most of these podcasts are available in whatever podcatcher app you normally use (Stitcher, Spotify, the Apple Podcasts app). As you’re trying to determine which podcast is right for you, think about how experienced you are as a player, and whether you want hardcore gameplay or something a little lighter.

There are so many options out there, which means that no matter what you’re interested in, you can find a podcast worth listening to. You should also download a few different podcasts and spend time deciding which ones to stick with. Picking one out of the pile doesn’t mean you have to commit to it indefinitely, and you should always feel free to change course if the podcasts you chose aren’t doing the trick for you.

What Do You Listen to After Dungeons and Daddies?

The Dungeons and Daddies logo

One of the most famous podcasts in the D&D world is “Dungeons and Daddies,” which tells the story of a group of dads who get sucked into the game and have to rescue their kids. If you love that show and are looking for other podcasts that may scratch the same itch, then you’ll likely want some D&D podcasts that have a narrative bent, and also have a sense of humor.

  • “Adventure They Wrote” brings a noir bent to the tabletop game, telling the story of the Waterdeep Detective Agency, which solves crimes in the world of D&D. The show has a narrative bent so thorough that it can sometimes feel scripted.
  • On “Dumpstat,” the hosts are committed to a bit in which they host a podcast that’s not just about D&D, but is actually set in the world of the game. The hosts speak as if they’re in an actual dungeon, and they spend their episodes discussing every element of the game from that perspective. It may be grating to some, but for others, it’s the kind of immersive experience they’re looking for.
  • “Dimension 20” is another podcast worth checking out, in part because it has different seasons that feature various formats and different casts. This game may not be as immersive as some others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get lost in the story, and the team at “Dimension 20” is one of the most professional in the podcasting space.

In general, the world of D&D podcasts is vast, and if you’re looking for a new podcast in this space, it’s necessary to try out different options. A person’s taste in podcasts is often very particular, so it’s important to know when something isn’t working for you, even if everyone else likes it.

Thankfully, if one option doesn’t work out, there are a variety of others to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, an obsessive or a casual fan, the D&D podcasting community is wide and vast, and there’s a show out there for everyone who’s interested to enjoy.

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