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Top 23 Motivational Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

A great podcast can help you kick off your day just right as you commute to work. It can remind you about what’s important in life, or give you a new perspective on a challenge that you’re working through at home. That’s why, for many people, motivational podcasts are a must-have in their regular podcast rotation.

These shows can cover everything from career advice to health and how to keep your house clean, but what makes them great is how often they leave the listener inspired and ready to better their own life.

Best Motivational Podcasts on Spotify

How I Built This with Guy RazHow I Built This

Featuring captivating career conversations, Guy Raz’s podcast is a show for people who want to be inspired by brilliant minds who have accomplished huge things.


Therapy for Black GirlsTherapy for Black Girls logo

A licensed psychologist tackles mental health and personal development with a focus on Black voices and perspectives that are often ignored.


TED HealthTED Health logo

TED Talks are designed to motivate you, and TED Health brings that speaker format to a wide variety of health-related topics, including emotions, diet, and addiction.


Beyond the To-Do ListBeyond the To-Do List logo

A podcast that takes a holistic view of productivity, this show encourages you to get beyond thinking about your life as a simple to-do list and encourages you to embrace all the activities that make up your day, even if they don’t seem like work.


Financial FeministFinancial Feminist logo

This podcast allows women to take control of their finances. The Financial Feminist is a passion-infused podcast that breaks down complicated financial concepts with a female millennial audience in mind.


How’s Work? with Esther PerelHow's Work logo

Psychotherapist Esther Perel explores workplace relationships by looking at therapy sessions between colleagues with the goal of helping listeners better communicate with their colleagues and supervisors.


Dear SugarsDear Sugars logo

A podcast that tackles every aspect of relationships, this show’s co-hosts are unafraid of diving into topics like sex, divorce, and infidelity, with a remarkable level of frankness.


A Slob Comes CleanA Slob Comes Clean

This highly relatable show highlights the best ways that even messy people can find the motivation required to make their homes a cleaner, tidier environment.


What is the Best Motivational Podcast Ever?

The One You FeedThe One You Feed logo

A podcast that takes on weighty topics like anxiety, depression, and addiction, The One You Feed focuses on how people can deal with the biggest challenges life throws at them through good habits and mindfulness.


The Science of SuccessThe Science of Success logo

This weekly podcast blends science and psychology and is designed to help make you conscious of the ways you can better yourself, regardless of where you are now.


Optimal Health DailyOptimal Health Daily logo

This daily show provides regular updates and tips that will lead you to make better decisions about your own health and wellness while keeping you conscious of the choices you make about your body.


The Happiness LabThe Happiness Lab logo

Yale professor Laurie Santos dives deep into the science of happiness and focuses on topics that can impact it, including guilt and burnout.


I Do PodcastI Do Podcast logo

Featuring a husband and wife team, this podcast is almost like free couples counseling and features plenty of wisdom about being a true partner to someone else, as well as raising children.


PivotPivot logo

A former Google career coach finds the connection that will allow you to advance in your career and keeps you motivated to know your own worth no matter where you are on your journey.


Maintenance PhaseMaintenance Phase logo

This podcast tackles the science behind every wellness trend you’ve ever heard and helps you sort through the wellness habits that are actually helpful, and the ones that are just designed to sell you something.


What Inspirational Podcast Should I Listen to?

Good Life ProjectGood Life Project logo

Featuring intimate conversations with inspiring people, this show asks thoughtful questions designed to get their guests to reflect on what the components of a good life really are.


Happier with Gretchen RubinHappier logo

Gretchen Rubin shares practical advice on happiness and how to maintain the kinds of practices that can make you feel better every day.


Redefining AmbitionRedefining Ambition logo

Highlighting female leaders, their career paths, and personal journeys, Redefining Ambition features conversations with leaders about their sacrifices and the goals they set for themselves at every step of their journey.


How to Fail with Elizabeth DayHow to Fail logo

Taking a look at the failures that have launched people to even greater success, Elizabeth Day interviews hugely successful people about what their personal failures taught them.


Ali on the RunAli on the Run logo

This one’s all about running, and it features plenty of thought-provoking ideas that will help you work hard, run hard, and feel the rewards of that hard work when they come.


The Habit CoachThe Habit Coach logo

A show on finding ways to make permanent changes in your life, The Habit Coach is all about reinforcing the kinds of activities that will leave you better off than when you started listening.


Tiny Leaps Big ChangesTiny Leaps, Big Changes logo

Another show focused on forming new habits, this one is all about the small personal changes you can make that will ultimately result in a better, more fulfilling life.


The Brendon ShowThe Brendon Show logo

With a remarkably honest podcast, Brendon Bruchard shares the things he’s struggling with in his own life in order to provide useful advice on how his listeners can improve theirs.


Where Can I Find Inspirational Podcasts?

The best place to find inspirational podcasts is on whatever podcatcher you use to find most of your other podcasts. Most major podcasts are available across platforms, so it shouldn’t matter which one you prefer, although there are a few shows that are exclusive to platforms like Spotify.

Ultimately, lists like this can also be very helpful in determining the best podcasts for you. Motivation and inspiration are fairly wide-ranging categories that contain multitudes of thoughts and ideas, so focus on what you’re most interested in, whether it’s relationship advice or ways to advance your career or finances. You should also try out podcasts and figure out what works best for you, as not every podcast is for everyone. If you decide a podcast isn’t working for you, don’t feel the need to be loyal to it. After all, these podcasts are supposed to leave you feeling inspired and motivated, so find ones that are.

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