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Stay calm, collected and ice cold on your next adventure with the COOLiFY Cyber

Wear the TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber on the course to stay cool

Summer is coming, which means hot weather is on the horizon if it’s not already hitting where you live. You’ll need to work harder or smarter to stay cool on your outdoor adventures, at least until the cooler weather returns. Although we sweat when we’re active to cool down, humans aren’t the best at regulating their temperature. When you’re ready to venture out and hit the muggy trails or explore the great outdoors, you can turn to the COOLiFY Cyber. It’s a cutting-edge personal AC that wraps around your neck and helps regulate your body temperature through targeted cooling. But it can also keep you warm when the weather is cool. Pretty interesting, right? Let’s explore how it works and where you might want to use it in the great outdoors.

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Cutting-edge personal cooling technology for avid outdoors folk

Man getting ready to go for a run with the COOLiFY Cyber from TORRAS

Look, you can’t lug around an AC unit with you everywhere, even one described as “portable” or “miniature” in size. Sure, there are desktop-sized units, but they’re not going to work the best out in the wilderness, even when you’re living in a decked-out van. The power draw and the resources they require are ridiculous. But the COOLiFY Cyber personal AC, by comparison, is a battery-powered personal cooling device that you can take and use virtually anywhere. It delivers ice-cold air, as it’s classified as a personal air conditioner rather than just your average neck fan. That is made possible by the unique Coology technology and high-efficiency semiconductor used within.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology tucked inside the unit, “3D and 360-degree cooling relief” is possible. An algorithm-driven KU 3.0 chipset and “Coology” tech work together to provide ambient cooling in seconds, exactly when and wherever you need it. So, whether you’re out on the trail or back in your tent, you can stay calm, cool, and collected, just as you deserve. The “366 cooling particles” keep your neck cool, whether active or not, helping you better regulate your body temperatures elsewhere. You often hear the advice to wear a hat during the winter to stay warm; it’s the same idea here, instead of keeping you cool in the heat through airflow targeted at your neck. The 6,000mAh battery offers up to 13 hours of cooling on a single charge, all delivered locally to various targeted areas of your neck across seven intelligently placed air outlets.

You also have complete control over the airflow, with easily adjustable modes to choose between cooling, heating, and a personal fan. There are three speed settings, so you can ensure it always keeps you comfortable and not too skewed in one direction. Smart app controls accessible on your phone make interacting with the COOLiFY even better.

TORRAS and Best Buddies: An opportunity of a lifetime

COOLiFY Cyber with basketball background

In one of the more inspiring updates we’ve seen, TORRAS has joined forces with autistic families for World Autism Awareness Day. In line with its mission to “stay cool with Cyber” and “share warmth with COOLiFY,”  the brand has crafted an innovative campaign to focus on those who have trouble regulating their body temperatures. If you didn’t know, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) do have difficulties with temperature perception and regulation in their daily lives. TORRAS is in a unique position to focus on and aid with these challenges and has also partnered with Best Buddies to help over 10 autistic families attend a Mavericks vs. Rockets basketball game.

COOLiFY Cyber is ergonomic, lightweight, and convenient

Cooling off in the summer heat with TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber

The COOLiFY Cyber is ergonomically designed to remain comfortable while you’re wearing the unit but also it won’t restrict your movements, so you can freely move your head to take in your surroundings. That also means it’s ideal in a variety of situations where comparable solutions wouldn’t be. For example, at the movie theater, which tends to be kept colder than other environments. On a plane, as a substitute to the in-flight air system. Or, while you’re in the middle of the wilderness, in a hot, muggy forested area miles away from civilization.

It’s the perfect outdoor and indoor companion, making it a remarkably versatile personal cooling solution for just about everyone, regardless of where you spend most of your time. If you’re worried about keeping it powered up while you’re out exploring, don’t be. It takes three hours to charge, can be charged via USB-C, including power stations and power banks, and lasts up to 13 hours on a single charge. Plus, you can adjust device settings and control the cooling from a mobile app for the ultimate convenience.

Isn’t it time you had a better way to cool down or warm up precisely when needed? For a limited time, The Manual readers can use code themanual10 at checkout to get 10% off the COOLiFY Cyber.

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