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You’ll Enjoy Camping More with This Coleman Tent from Amazon


Everyone who’s ever camped has been there: The first few raindrops splashing off the fly, and then the steady thrum as the storm intensifies. But here’s where the story diverges. There are those who enjoy the sound of the rain because they’re inside, in a dry shelter, as the weather turns nasty. They drift off to sleep, nuzzling deeper into their sleeping bags. The other group isn’t as lucky. They feel the mud on their back first, which seeps through the holes in the punctured tent bathtub underneath. They pass the night in general discomfort, wrapped in a soaked sleeping bag, and dozing, if they’re able to sleep at all. The next morning, they’re cranky and wet, and then they have to pack their sodden possessions into their pack, lugging an additional 10 to 20 pounds of water on down the trail. If you’re in that first group, with your new tent, we’re not talking to you, but if you’re of the second, who thinks surely duct tape will seal a tear, it’s time to face reality: It will not. Your old tent is dead, and you need to pick up a new Coleman Sundome Tent, which is on sale right now for 36% off through Amazon Prime Day deals, bringing the price down from $64 to just $41.

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The Sundome is a two-person, three-season tent that includes few bells and whistles, but it’s a solid performer and, at just over 6 pounds, it’s incredibly light. If you’re looking for multiday trips in which you hike in, this carries an incredible price-to-weight ratio, and it easily fits in your standard day- or multi-day backpacks.

It’s also well-apportioned for inclement weather through its WeatherTec System, which welds corners and inverts seams to keep the rain and mud out. A coated rainfly protects from above. It also features innovative ventilation ports that, while best used in clear weather, can also help air things out even during rain. Finally, you can sleep through the rain knowing you won’t be floating by morning.

It’s no secret that we feel this tent is best for those who prefer to hike in, but car campers may also find it useful. It features what the company calls its E-Port, which allows the insertion of an extension cord to run power inside. If you’re a blend of through-hiker and car camper, you won’t be disappointed with the latter’s performance. However, if weight is no option, many may opt for a larger footprint when staying in drive-in areas. The whole unit sets up in about 10 minutes if you’re taking sips of beer between steps.

Coleman makes everything from coasters to coolers and camp chairs, and while its products aren’t the epitome in the outdoors, they’re often a great value and a step up from attic finds and hand-me-downs. If your tent is on its last legs, the Sundome Tent is an easy upgrade, and with Prime Day deals, it’s more affordable than ever at a mere $41.

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Need more space than the Coleman Sundome can provide? Not to worry. We’ve curated the best Prime Day tent deals for you below.

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