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BioLite Releases Fifth-Year-Anniversary Birthday Bundle for the Off-Grid Camper

Way back in 2013, we introduced our readers to the Biolite CampStove as one of our top picks for basic camping essentials. At the time, Biolite was one of the first camp stoves on the market to move away from small propane canisters as fuel and instead turned to natural ground-litter. Powered by nothing more than sticks and twigs found at your campsite, Biolite’s CampStove provided the first-real opportunity to go completely off grid without needing any sort of fossil fuel to cook your camp food. The best part though, was the addition of a thermo-electric generator, allowing you to charge up your phone or other device using the built-in storage battery that charges itself with the heat from the burning fuel.

In the five years since Biolite launched, they have expanded their cooking scope from just camping gear to other options, including the Biolite BaseCamp stove, perfect for larger camp gatherings or the patio, a pizza dome to create wood-fired pizzas right in your own backyard, and even an Energy Bundle which includes a portable solar panel, lights, and, of course, a Biolite CampStove.


And now, to celebrate Biolite’s fifth anniversary, the company has announced their Birthday Bundle. Featuring a CampStove 2, a Kettlepot, a free CoffeePress and limited edition Bioloite x Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee packet. Erica Rosen, Biolite’s Direcotr of Marketing acknowledged, “Coffee, specifically Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee, is an unofficial member of the Biolite team. it took a lot of late nights and early mornings to get the first CampStove off the ground and BRC has been fueling us since Day one. They even took us in during Hurricane Sandy when our office was knocked out. It seemed only fitting that we celebrate this milestone year with a coffee we know and love and package it in a ready-to-go format for the outdoors.”

Biolite’s Birthday Bundle typically retails for nearly $200, but you can snag this set for only $179.95. Quantities are limited and the bundle deal ends June 30. Happy camping!