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Best Prime Day Lawn Mower Deals After-Sales for 2022

Did you miss any of the Prime Day deals over the last couple of days? Well, luckily there is an after-sale happening right now, and you can shop right this instant before they’re gone. We typically have a wish list to buy fun, non-chore-related products. However, the lawn must be mowed, so why not save some cash by checking out the best Prime Day lawn mower after-sales deals while they’re still available? Don’t fret! Once that brand new lawnmower arrives at your doorstep, which you saved a bundle on, you’ll be happy.

There are many factors to consider to identify which of the remaining Prime Day lawn mower deals is suitable for you and your yard. We’ll help you cover all those in detail. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for below, you can also check out the ongoing Walmart Deals for Days sale for some additional options.

Best Prime Day Lawn Mower Deals Still Available

Should You Buy A New Lawn Mower in a Last-Minutes Prime Day Sale?

The fact of the matter is, we’re in prime lawn care season. That grass isn’t going to grow any slower just because you want to get one more year out of your old, beat-up lawn mower. There’s no better time to take advantage of leftover Prime Day lawn mower deals than right here, right now.

As much as we may dread mowing the lawn at times, it can also be relaxing and a good form of exercise — especially if you have a vast yard. A brand new lawn mower will be more reliable and help you get the job done faster. Also, you don’t want to wait until Black Friday. For one, Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. This means you’re only having to fight other Amazon Prime members for the great deals, not the entire world like you would on Black Friday. You have much better chances of securing a deal on the lawn mower of your choice.

Another reason you don’t want to wait until Black Friday is the seasonality. Since not many people are cutting their lawns in November, the available inventory will be lower than it would be now on Prime Day, a time when lawn mowers are in high demand.

How to Choose a New Lawn Mower After Prime Day

So you’re convinced you’re going to buy a new lawn mower this Prime Day. Now, how do you know which is the best one to buy? There are many things to consider when making your decision, but, typically there are three main points. First is the lawn mower type (push, self-propelled, riding, or robot). Next is the lawn mower’s size. Finally, there’s how it’s powered (gas versus electric). Let’s first discuss the most popular types of lawn mowers.

Let’s start off by saying that everyone wants a riding lawn mower. Casually driving around a lawn mower while sipping a beer actually sounds like fun. But, you must first consider the cost, which is way more than your average push or self-propelled mower. Because of the higher price tag, we can’t say that there are many Prime Day deals on riding lawn mowers. If there are, they likely won’t last long, so you’ll want to start looking ASAP. If you are eying a riding lawn mower, keep two things in mind. First, the fuel cost will be much more. Secondly, you have to have the space to store it.

The most common and most in-demand lawn mower is a self-propelled push mower. These come in both gas and electric versions and in a variety of sizes. They are more expensive than a push mower, but you can find some very affordable and reliable models, especially this Prime Day. A self-propelled mower is good to have if you have a more extensive lawn or if it’s not the most level lawn on the block. Self-propelled mowers can help take some of the burden off pushing the mower up inclines or through thick grass.

Push lawn mowers are very affordable but also the most labor-intensive. If you have a small, flat yard, a push mower may be all you need, and you can save yourself some money. If you want to go old-school, reel mowers are a form of push lawn mower and the first mowers ever invented. Reel mowers do the job, but you have to be okay with grass clippings in your yard since they don’t come equipped with collection bags as most lawn mowers do. Or, you could always rake up the clippings yourself.

Robot lawn mowers are the latest in smart lawn care technology. These little grass gobblers are expensive, but you can still pick one up for less than some riding mowers. Most robot lawn mowers are better for small- to medium-sized lawns (quarter acre to half-acre). The concept is the same as a robot vacuum for your home. They come with a charging station, and you define the perimeters with wire or stakes. Some models come with sensors that prevent them from bumping into obstacles. They don’t use bags. Instead, they use mulching technology that grinds the clippings into small, unnoticeable bits. Keep in mind, if you have pets that you let use the yard as a bathroom freely, you’ll want to do a sweep of the yard before setting your robot lawn mower loose.

Suppose you’re interested in a push or self-propelled lawn mower. In that case, you’ll want to pay attention to the size (or diameter) of the blade area. This will determine how many passes you’re going to need to make while mowing your lawn. If you don’t mind, it shouldn’t be an issue, and you can go with a smaller 15-17 inch diameter. If you want your chore done quickly, then you’ll want to look into a blade coverage area of 19-21 inches. Keep in mind that a larger lawn mower needs more storage space and will require more fuel.

Fuel is the final thing to think about when shopping for a lawn mower on Prime Day. The most popular types of lawn mowers are gas-powered, but electric mowers have their advantages. Gas-powered mowers require gas and oil or a gas and oil blend, depending on if they’re equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke motor. They’re undeniably more powerful than an electric mower; however, depending on your lawn, that power may not be necessary. Electric lawn mowers are more environmentally friendly, and you never have to worry about filling a gas can. They can be corded, which we recommend for only small lawns because too much electrical cord can become a hazard. But, the most popular electric mowers are cordless and come with a lithium-ion battery similar to those in electric cars. Electric lawn mowers are quieter, which your neighbors will appreciate. If you have a level, obstacle-free lawn, some electric mowers have enough battery life to tackle larger-sized properties.

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