Our Favorite Bedding Brand Just Got Better With a Lightweight Down Comforter for Summer

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Most human beings prefer to sleep with some form of blanket on top of them, even when the heat of summer is on. Maybe it’s a throw-back urge to feel swaddled like a baby or some ingrained basic instinct to feel warm and protected. Either way, needing some weight on you when you sleep when the mercury hits 100 is a recipe for night sweats or an increased air conditioning bill.

This is where Brooklinen’s new lightweight down comforter comes in. Filled with the same genuine hypoallergenic Canadian goose down as Brooklinen’s full-weight down comforter, this one comes in at 600-fill power contained in the brand’s renowned, super-soft, 400-thread count cotton sateen shell.

If you’ll recall from previous coverage (and fawning), you’ll know that the brand’s unique softness is a result of using only the best long-staple cotton in low-thread-count weaves. The cotton is so soft and smooth on its own that a higher thread-count is unnecessary. It’s one of the rare cases where more is too much.

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Not only does this make the Brooklinen lightweight comforter super soft, but the 600-fill Canadian goose down also makes it exceptionally cool when it comes to temperature. The baffling on the comforter is another bonus, keeping the down feathers evenly distributed, so you don’t have to worry about clumping and dimpling throughout the night if you’re a major tosser-turner.

We’ve been using the Brooklinen’s lightweight down comforter since we received a sample a month or so ago and have been sleeping like a slightly chilled baby ever since. With a lifetime warranty and a price of $299, this down comforter is sure to be your go-to summer sleep staple for years to come.

And for those who are allergic to down, Brooklinen also offers up a down alternative in the same light weight. It also retails for a slightly lesser amount of just $229.

For more information on Brooklinen’s superb bedding and sheets, check out our full review of their long-staple cotton sheets here. While you’re at it, you might also want to check out the best way to wash and take care of your sheets and comforters. After all, if you’re going to invest several hundred dollars into a product, you’re going to want to maintain it properly.


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