Man Candles: From Pine-Scented to Pirate-Inspired, These Are the Best

Fellas, it’s time to face reality: Candles are freaking amazing. Like nothing else out there, these waxy vessels can make your home smell phenomenal while transporting you to dreamy locations all over the world.

And though candles may conjure up images of your grandma’s house (complete with crocheted coasters, kitten needle points, and a too-sweet aroma of vanilla), they’re no longer kitschy afterthoughts, but full-on statement essentials that can set the tone for an entire space.

It’s time to drop the notion that candles aren’t for guys and get into it! Don’t know where to start? Begin your votive journey with a few of our favorite scented candles for men below.

Square Trade Goods Balsam Fir Scent – $22
best scented candles for men balsam fir candle square trade goods co

Featuring the fresh, crisp scent of pine needles, the Balsam Fir candle from Square Trade Goods is a must for guys looking to get in touch with their inner mountain man. And with a burn time of 55 hours, this American-made product is guaranteed to leave your house smelling great for a long time.

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Sydney Hale Bourbon & Brown Sugar – $30
best scented candles for men sydney hale bourbon and brown sugar candle

Handcrafted in a vessel that easily doubles as your next whiskey glass, the Bourbon & Brown Sugar candle from Sydney Hale is, put quite simply, a true delight. The long-lasting soy wax is infused with double-oaked bourbon and salted brown sugar caramel for a smoky/sweet combination that can’t be beat.

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United By Blue Roadtrip Enamel Candle Mug – $32
best scented candles for men united by blue road trip candle

What’s better than a candle that smells like cedarwood and spices? A candle that smells like cedarwood and spices that’s also a fully functional mug! Outfitted with a stylish roadtrip motif, this candle from United by Blue gives a nostalgic nod to the open road while perfuming your room with a luxurious, warm scent. Plus, once it melts, it transforms into a coffee cup.

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Ethics Supply Company Moonlight Surnada – $38
best scented candles for men moonlight surnada candle

Inspired by the aromas of Big Sur, the Moonlight Surnada candle is a perfect option for those longing for the West Coast. Featuring accents of native bay laurel, lemon verbena, douglas fir, and jeffrey pine, this candle is the ideal anecdote to a cold and dreary day.

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Ash & Fir Lodge Scent – $10
best scented candles for men ash and fir lodge candle

If you’re looking for a strong outdoor vibe, you can’t go wrong with the Lodge Candle from Ash & Fir. Produced with notes of balsam fir and freshly split wood, a single inhale from this bad boy is sure to ferry you to the woodsy retreat of your dreams.

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Source Adage Pacific Coast Scented Candle – $95
best scented candles for men source adage candle

With a robust fragrance of lime zest, cypress, basil and sage brush, this candle is meant to evoke the shoreline forests of the Pacific Coast. While the price is certainly a bit hefty, it’s worth it for the gorgeous smell and the over 75 hour burn time.

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Antica Farmacista Manhattan – $46
best scented candles for men antica farmacista

From the west coast, head east to the city that never sleeps. Manhattan is inspired by the vibrant New York City life and the classic cocktail of the same name. A layered candle, the scent experience evolves as it burns blending a variety of fragrances like black pepper, cognac, and bourbon vanilla. Manhattan will have you feeling like you’re in a hidden speakeasy in the heart of the city.

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Light Provisions Tobacco & Walnut – $18
best scented candles for men light provisions tobacco and walnut

Masculine without being overpowering this hand-poured soy candle features the crisp clean scents of tobacco and walnut that is reminiscent of an evening around the bonfire. Pair it with the Stov Indoor Fire Pit to recreate the fun of summer camp fires even in the dead of winter.

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Tioga Woods Out-of-Doors – $26
best scented candles for men out of doors tioga woods candle

Sandalwood has become a trendy fragrance for men in recent years and for good reason. It’s woodsy scent that is masculine yet subtle. The Out-of-Doors candle combines sandalwood with classic cedar for a fragrance experience that will have you dreaming of a log cabin in the woods.

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P. F. Candle Co. No. 11 Amber & Moss – $18
best scented candles for men amber moss pf candle

You know the smell of that first spring hike after the snow has melted? It’s the scent of dampness and leaves and newly bloomed flowers. All of that comes out of the No. 11 Amber & Moss candle. With multiple layers of fragrance — including moss, sage, orange, and musk — it’s an ever-changing experience, just like a long stroll through the woods.

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Fury Bros. Black Beard – $30
best scented candles for men fury bros black beard candle

Finally, someone has managed to capture the true essence of pirate life, in the form of a seriously awesome candle. Everything about Black Beard is just so damn cool, from the can it comes in to the charred hickory and gunpowder fragrance. It’ll be the pirate’s life for you with this soy candle.

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Cannabolish Cannabis Smoke Odor Eliminator – $15
best scented candles for men cannabolish candle

While most candles want to add a scent to your rooms, this particularly candle eliminates an obtrusive smell that may very well lead to your arrest (depending on your location). Cannabolish reduces the smell of smoked marijuana by eliminating the odor molecules, rather than covering them up. Bonus points for the light wintergreen scent and recyclable and reusable glass container.

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Vineyard Candles Gin & Tonic – $29
best scented candles for men vineyard gin and tonic

Who doesn’t love a Gin & Tonic? Now you can enjoy the scent of one of your favorite drinks without having to worry about whether or not you’ve still got gin in your bar cart. Scent notes include juniper (the key flavoring component in gin), coriander, and citrus, for a bright, refreshing scent that will have you thinking of spring break.

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Candles aren’t alone in the funky smell killing department — there are plenty of other options out there. We recommend these because they make your home smell like a cabin in the woods.


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