The Best Firewood-Cutting Tools and Accessories

If the cold front that gripped most of U.S. didn’t give off the hint, we’re still a ways away from the spring season and the warm weather many of us yearn for. Because we’re all forced to brave this last push from winter, we threw together a collection of firewood cutting tools and accessories to help you keep the house warm and welcoming.

We’re talking tools that will help you cut firewood consistently, store wood during the cold season, and make splitting wood for kindling easier than shelling peas. Going out to cut and prune firewood can be more than just a chore to keep your digs warm, too. It’s also a therapeutic and rewarding activity for you to engage in. Even though it’s hard work, there are many methods you can use to make the act easier on you, especially if keeping a fireplace ablaze is your only means to a comfortable sitting.

From tough axes, slitting knives, and splitting wedges, to a full-on kindling cracker, wood storage units, and safety equipment, our firewood cutting tools and accessories roundup has everything you need to make splitting wood easier and more efficient.

Barebones Pulaski Axe – $142
Barebones Pulaski Axe

To get started on the right foot, you’re going to need a reliable axe for cutting and splitting wood effectively. The Barebones Pulaski axe provides you with a durable and versatile weighted axe that will get the job done. Its beechwood handle is reinforced with a solid steel core, making it not only tough and tactical but a damn good-looking cleaver for wood splitting. And, if you’re cutting wood and kindling for warmth on a camping trip, the Pulaski axe doubles as a hammer to take care of your needs for securing stakes.

Morakniv Wood-Splitting Knife – $34
Morakniv Wood-Splitting Knife

The sharp-thinking folks at Sweden’s Mora knife company have been providing woodworkers with high-quality tools and equipment for over 100 years. It comes to no surprise that its wood splitting knife would be featured amongst our go-to firewood cutting tools and accessories roundup. Aside from their recognition and tradition, the Morakniv knife is a classic companion for carving wood into smaller pieces because of its durable birch wood double handle and carbon steel blade.

Kindling Cracker – $120
kindling cracker

The perfect fire starts with thinly sawed or shaved kindling. The award-winning Kindling Cracker is a new safe and easy way for you to make firewood into kindling. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, it splits wood with less force than your standard axe, and it’s large enough to accompany even the largest log cuts. Simply place a piece of wood inside of the frame, strike it with a maul, and watch the kindling make itself.

LogOx 3-in-1  Forestry Tool – $210

When splitting your own firewood, it’s best to equip yourself with materials that will reduce the risk of your straining your back or other injuries. The LogOx multi-use tool is built the American way, designed with all of the capabilities of its LogOx Hauler for easy carrying combined with a cant handle extension for a secured log grip, and a timberjack T-bar for easy rolling, lifting, or dragging of a log.

Hults Bruk Splitting Wedge – $79
Hults Bruk Splitting Wedge

Splitting wood blocks and rounds aren’t easy. That’s why it’s important to have the right equipment for giving you a helping hand when building your woodpile. A splitting wedge gives you more direct impact at a greater angle to ensure a clean cut in the log you’re working with. Hults Bruk has three centuries worth of craftsmanship to back you up. Its splitting wedge is constructed out of high-grade Swedish steel that was welded into a tapered head to give you an easy set into the wood, thus making a clean cut simple and successful.

L.L. Bean Wood Storage Rack – $89
LL Bean Wood Storage Rack

It’s easy to stack firewood on the side of your house to keep everything in order, but if you really want to keep your wood handy and accessible we recommend a wood storage rack. L.L. Bean offers a large storage rack that is crafted with lasting tubular steel and a rust-resistant coating to get you through the cold months and years to come.

Uniflame Wrought Iron Log Holder – $45
Uniflame Wrought Iron Log Holder

If you already have a suitable storage area for your wood outdoors, it may be time to think about grabbing something smaller to store logs inside the house. Uniflame’s iron log holder is the perfect size to squeeze in next to a fireplace, back door, or garage, in order to keep wood nearby when it gets too cold to go outside. It also features a convenient pan on the bottom to prevent any wood shavings from falling off and getting stuck in the carpet or damaging hardwood floors. If you want a similar design with a little more aesthetic and pizzazz— by forking up the money for it, of course — Pottery Barn ($199) offers a beautiful wood holder for indoors.

Showa Atlas Fit 300 Rubber-Coated Work Gloves – $21
Showa Atlas Fit 300 Rubber-Coated Work Gloves

If you plan on cutting wood, you’re going to need to protect your hands and a pair of cut-resistant gloves should do the trick. Showa’s Atlas Fit 300 gloves provide you with efficient protection at an affordable price. Boasting a reinforced rubber-coated material that shields abrasions and the pliability to hold your tools securely, the Showa gloves will keep your hands safe from ricochet at an affordable price.

TRI First Aid Kit – $15
TRI First Aid Kit

And, just in case, having an appropriate first aid kit can go a long way if you’re constantly using dangerous equipment. This first aid kit is suited for woodworkers with all the protection they need in the event of an accident. It’s OSHA and ANSI guidelines for up to 10 people, featuring multiple bandage size, alcohol pads for sterilization, antibiotic ointments, as well as an instant cold pack.

If you’re one feeling inspired to get up and go cut down some trees to make their own firewood, take a peek at our guide to using a chainsaw before continuing your endeavors.

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