The Angle Razor Uses Science to Bring You a Single-Blade Shave

angle razor shave

Shaving with a straight razor is a slow, meticulous process. Weight distribution on your single blade is everything, setting you up for the best end result possible. There’s nothing worse than missing hairs and snagging stragglers on a shaving cream-less face on your second time around

Enter the new Angle Razor, designed by the London-based agency Morrama, sports a manly, machined aluminum handle that delivers as much power on your bathroom counter as it does in your hand. With an optimal balance point at the thumb and forefinger, this straight razoe allows you to perform longer strokes while boosting your shaving precision.

angle razor blade

Morrama’s inspiration for this minimalist design began as an ode to the ceremony of shaving. The Angle Razor packs everything you would expect to find with a traditional straight razor, but with a few additional perks to bring the benefits and brawniness of old school tradition into the science-enhanced era of the 21st century.

The razor is compatible with almost any affordable, disposable single blade. Unless someone invents a new standardized double-edged blade tomorrow, this Angle Razor is built to last you a lifetime. No subscriptions, no monthly deliveries, no payments — strictly shaving.

angle razor sink

The Angle Razor is available for pre-order on Kickstarter in anodized black or silver finishes, with or without a matching stand, as well as an awesome enamel mug. The campaign has far surpassed its original fundraising goal, so customers can expect product delivery in June 2018.

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