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Complete Your Shaving Kit With These Schick Essentials for Under $20

Has it been a while since you last picked up a razor? We get it — you’ve grown accustomed to rocking that quarantine beard. With the world slowly reopening, maybe you’re ready to trim your facial hair or even shave it altogether. However, it’s likely your shaving kit needs a refresh after months of neglect.

Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a brand-new grooming set. Schick has a number of essentials you can pick up for less than $20 apiece, making it dead simple to complete your shaving kit and give your current, unruly look a much-needed update. Now that more guys are entering hybrid work environments, where they’re spending their nine-to-five at the office and at home, Schick’s Hydro Skin Line is perfect tool for switching between stubble and a clean shave. Head below to check out Schick’s Hydro Skin line of shave essentials, which includes an award-winning razor.

Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Stubble Eraser Razor

The award-winning Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Stubble Eraser allows you to shave up to seven days’ worth of stubble with very minimal tugging and pulling. Each blade has three layers of comfort coating. There are also 19 green tea-infused cushioned Gel Pools plus a flip-back precision trimmer for hard-to-reach areas. You’re guaranteed a comfortable, soothing shave each time. It’s no surprise the Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Stubble Eraser has won Best Razor this year.

Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Shave Cream

Choosing the right razor is only one part of saving your skin from bumps and rashes. You should also use a shaving cream that will protect your face from skin irritation. The Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Shave Cream is formulated with green tea and aloe vera — two nourishing ingredients that will moisturize and soothe your skin. This non-foaming, paraben-free cream is gentle enough for daily use.

Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Post-Shave Balm

Aftershave is an essential item in any shaving kit. Soothe sensitive areas post-shave with the Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Post-Shave Balm. It’s made with chamomile and vitamin E to help calm and moisturize your skin. Also, unlike aftershave oils or lotions, this lightweight balm is non-greasy and suitable for everyday use, even for anyone with sensitive skin. Treat yourself to a cooling, invigorating sensation after your shave with this balm from Schick.

Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Face Wash

Pre-shave preparation is key if you want to avoid irritation post-shave. If that’s a step you tend to gloss over in your regimen, the Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Face Wash will ensure that it becomes a staple in your grooming routine. It gently exfoliates your skin without harsh beads or other abrasive ingredients. Instead, this face wash is formulated with hydrating ingredients in vitamin E and coconut oil. The Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Face Wash is gentle enough to use every day, even for sensitive skin, which also makes it a great addition to your skincare routine at large.

Upgrade Your Shaving Kit Today

Whether you want to shape your beard or finally be free of even the slightest stubble, Schick’s Hydro Skin line will give you the smoothest, most comfortable shave you’ve ever had. Best of all, you won’t have to break the bank as these items are not only effective but also affordable. Upgrading your shaving kit (and your look) has never been so easy.

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