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Pisterzi, your new favorite sustainable skincare brand

Pisterzi is proving sustainable skincare and beard care are possible

Sustainable has been a buzzword in the lifestyle and food communities for a while now. Whether walking to work, composting at home, or buying and eating local, people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying a life they love.

However, a sustainable skincare brand has been making grooming green since 2015. Gian Antonio Pisterzi, an alum of the notable Steiner Academy in London, founded Barberia Pisterzi — just the name feels high-end — nearly a decade ago. Today, the brand is a model for sustainable skincare and beard care.

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What’s the deal?

Pisterzi takes a sustainable approach on the inside and out. The products come in refillable glass jars instead of the standard plastics overfilling landfills and getting into the water and harming marine wildlife.

The brand’s sustainable skincare and beard care product formulations use ingredients with low environmental impacts. On average, the formulas contain 94% of ingredients of “natural origin.” For the unfamiliar, an ingredient of natural origin is one that is transformed from its natural state. It’s not taken directly from nature and put in the product just like that. However, the process uses minimal energy, solvents, and waste.

The ingredients are also COSMOS Certified cosmetic, which in part means a product must have organic ingredients. To achieve this certification, a brand has to agree to put the percentage of organic ingredients on the product label, helping sure up transparency so consumers can make informed choices.

Italian soccer star and coach Andrea Pirlo is such a fan of the sustainable skincare brand he became a partner.

“I had the pleasure of personally meeting Gian Antonio Pisterzi in New York, and I was struck by the culture expressed by his know-how and the unique attention that Barberia Pisterzi offers to its customers,” Pirlo said in a news release. “I immediately wished I could be the protagonist of this enterprise which, today, evolves through a high-level product range and a restyling of barbershops in a green sense. ”

Pisterzi’s products, which you can buy online, run the gamut. Think gentle cleansing gels with vitamin C that you can also use for shaving and keep your face looking fresh and smooth. Applying a mask scrub made with natural clay is like hitting the “refresh” button on your face — it nixes dead skin cells for a brighter, glowing complexion. A versatile 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner you can also use on your beard works on all skin types, including sensitive ones.

The products aren’t your typical pharmacy-brand ones, so expect to shell out a bit more for them. Products range from about $70 to $150+. Though they’re not budget finds, they’re an investment in your hair, skin, and the environment.

As always, people with skincare conditions should speak with their providers before switching products. A dermatologist can raise any ingredient flags. If you notice irritation, cease use.

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