Never Darken A Drug Store Door Again Thanks To Morgans

If you are like us, going to the drug store is right up there with changing diapers. There isn’t anything fun about it. Morgan Hirsh feels the same way, so he launched his own company of natural, personal care products that you can order at will in 2015. It is aptly called Morgans.

The brilliant angle here is that there are not 1,000 brands to choose from. He only has one shampoo, one conditioner, one moisturizer, etc. Let’s analyze the shampoo, shall we? It incorporates 87 percent natural ingredients and includes essential oils such as orange, nutmeg and grapefruit. Sounds like our cocktail from last night. There are no parabens or synthetic fragrances. As for the price? A whopping $6. No middleman. When you click on each product on the site you get a full description and even information on where each one is made. Give it up for Lindon, Utah for the toothpaste!

This concept goes for all of the products. We like the minimalist design, though be sure to keep your toothpaste and shaving cream at opposite ends of the bathroom as you may mix them up if you have an early morning hangover. We are also big fans of the razor handle that comes with your first shipment of blades. It has a great weight and looks sharp.

Now we know you may think, ‘Jeez I don’t need all of this stuff every month!’ We hope you don’t. Before each box is shipped, Morgan’s will email you and you can uncheck items you don’t need or check off items you would like to add. You can even change the delivery interval. Now doesn’t that beat waiting in line at your local drug store while the dude in front of you counts out all of his coins to pay for that pack of cigarettes? Yeah, we thought so.

What is even more exciting is that Hirsh has just launched a beta site for seriously cost effective shopping. As he explained it to us, “We’re going to give 1000 people access to all our natural & sustainable products, at cost.  Customers just pay $8 per month for access. The idea is to really revolutionize the industry. Everyone is saying direct these days, but still charge 4 times cost.  P&G brands are going through four layers before it gets to the customer: factory to brand to distributor to retailer to you. Our shampoo costs $2, we sell it for $2.”

So y’all click here before 999 other people do and reap the benefits. 

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