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Meet The Bevel Trimmer

meet the bevel trimmer
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Trimmers are an essential in every man’s grooming kit. They keep you looking fresh and clean and allow you to trim your beard, your hair, or you know, the stuff down there. But, the trimmer has yet to be updated for today’s modern man, until now. The folks at Bevel created their own Nas-approved version of the trimmer. “I trust my barber to choose the best for my line-ups and he uses the Bevel Trimmer,” said the rapper.

Just how did Bevel manage to update the trimmer? With over 6,000 strokes a minute more than four hours of constant power, two months’ worth of standby time, and four times less vibration than your standard trimmer. Best of all, it’s cordless, so you don’t have to be restrained by a cord, or tangled by one. The Bevel Trimmer also keeps itself clean. “Residue from hair and skin can build up on the surface of trimmer blades, which can lead to bumps and irritation,” according to Bevel. “Our blade repels oil & water, minimizing residue that can build up over time.”

The Bevel Trimmer also allows you to adjust your trimmer blades with ease, so you don’t have to fiddle around with tools to get the length you want. Also, the way the Bevel Trimmer is designed lets you hold it comfortably, and it’s not heavy at all. “The perfectly weighted body strikes the balance between security and maneuverability,” according to Bevel.

“Together, the faceted body and soft-touch finish ensure that you always have complete control. The push back is on you though.”

On top of that, there’s a hook so you can hang it in your bathroom. So update your trimmer by getting rid of your old one and replacing it with the Bevel Trimmer.

The Bevel Trimmer, $179.95 at

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