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If you’re picky about what you put in your body – why not be picky about what you put in your hair? Or your beard for that matter. Empire Apothecary is a new brand that offers handmade skincare, hair and grooming products in New York City – the East Village to be exact.

The brand uses only the finest ingredients sourced from a small group of trusted organic producers.

Lets discuss their hair treatment for example. You can go ahead and ditch your usual hair gel – the stuff Empire Apothecary sells is made from a blend of organic oils and clays and will hold your hair in place all day without making you look like your perpetually auditioning for a role in “Grease”.

So what’s in their products that make them so special? Jojoba oil, coconut oils, beeswax, Kukui oil, grape seed oil, and Kaolin clay. The ingredients necessary for perfect hair.

Empire Apothecary also sells beard drops – formulated to restore the natural oils we lose through everyday washing. These drops will help you maintain a sleek and healthy beard.

How did Empire come about? It occurred to Zac Mallard, the founder, that a lot of men spend time and money on their body – eating well, going to the gym, etc. But, when it came to personal cosmetics, things were a bit different.

“We seem to be rubbing lots of chemicals and jive all over our body’s largest organ. So I created this line of handcrafted hair clay, pomade, beard oil, and facial scrub to offer a solution.”

Mallard says he’s passionate about his small brand and enjoys the old school mentality of handing off a quality-controlled product to the consumer.

“The concept is simple really; making high-quality products for high quality men out of all-natural ingredients,” he says, “without it being too granola.”

Check out their line of products at www.empireapothecary.com


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