Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Tank Soap is For Real Men, Not Horny Teenage Boys

Duke Cannon Big Ass Tank Soap

Quit using soaps marketed to horny teenage boys.

Founded by two men who think men’s grooming brands like Axe portray men only as horny teenage boys, Duke Cannon released a new, limited-edition soap “for real hard-working men.”

It’s about damn time.

The Big Ass Tank Soap ($9) is a hearty 10 ounces and smells clean and crisp, with a hint of grass. Duke Cannon calls this scent, “Smells Like Victory.” The bar itself is branded with the insignia of Wargaming’s World of Tanks— a free-to-play, military inspired, team-based war strategy game.

World of Tanks reached more than 160 million gamers worldwide before joining forces with Duke Cannon for this limited-edition release (only 10,000 units were made).

Big Ass Tank Soap was unveiled on May 19, but keep your fingers crossed there are more bars left because this would make for a killer Father’s Day gift. Because as darling as a macaroni necklace or fondue kit is, men just want something practical. The Big Ass Take Soap is particularly perfect for DWGs (Dads Who Game).

… Yeah, they’ve got their own acronym.

Duke Cannon Big Ass Tank Soap

Like the simple, unadorned smell, the shape of this Duke Cannon soap bar is unpretentious. Both the rectangular shape and size was inspired directly from the soap used by American G.I.’s during the Korean War.

Plus, Duke Cannon produces its soap right here on U.S. soil in a family-owned plant that was the sole supplier to the military during that era in the 1950s.

And you may have guessed it, but Duke Cannon donates a portion of its proceeds directly to support veteran causes.


But what’s the main reason we love the Big Ass Tank Soap? It cuts through the bullshit of men’s grooming products and devolves you back to simpler times (and smells). In fact, you just might feel a boost of testosterone after using it (don’t you dare reach for that purple loofa).

If you need more Duke Cannon gear to outfit your bathroom in essential (fluff-free) grooming products, Duke Cannon has curated a Limited-Edition World of Tanks Ammo Can gift-set ($49) which includes the Big Ass Tank Soap, Heavy Duty Hand Soap, Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels, and Working Man’s Face Wash. The set is bundled up in an authentic ammunition can.

So in the end it doesn’t matter if you prefer sipping Piña Coladas with umbrellas to crushing Old Milwaukees… so long as you wash up like a real manly man. (That being said, if you DO prefer Old Milwaukee, Duke Cannon has a Big Ass Beer Soap made with the premium American lager.)