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Daft’s Flip-Out Man Comb is a Switchblade Grooming Tool for the Modern Gentleman

Nothing is certain when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns, so when one comes to fruition and rolls into market success, it’s almost always worth talking about. Such is the story of the Man Comb, a formerly crowdfunded project by independent design company Daft, which despite the name (which stands for Design and Fresh Thinking) is actually focused on novel and interesting products.

To be fair, the idea of a switchblade-style comb isn’t exactly new, but the Man Comb is a bit more sophisticated than that cheap plastic one you bought at the joke store as a kid. The Man Comb’s handle is crafted from stainless steel, with a brushed finish and laser etching that will keep it looking fresh as long as you have hair to comb with it. And don’t worry about the comb material either, Daft says it’s crafted from similar materials to airplane windshields, likely a high-strength polycarbonate.

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Although it’s intended mainly for beards and hair, the Man Comb’s handle hides another surprise. A hook near the front acts a bottle opener, but it’s more than an afterthought, with an ergonomic location so that it works just as well with the comb open or closed. We made sure to test it with a few bottles and can assure you that it fulfills its duty quite well.

Should you desire easier access to your Man Comb, Daft also sells a stamped leather sleeve with a belt loop. Granted, you might look a little silly wandering around with a comb on your waist, but can you really put a price on looking fresh?

Well, Daft did, and it’s a very reasonable £18, or £25 for the package that includes the leather case. If you want to give one as a gift or just want your nickname laser engraved on the side, Daft offers customization for £28, plus another £7 for the leather case.

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