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There’s more than one type of buzz cut — 5 incredible ideas for your hair

5 ways to rock the short hair without a lot of maintenance

Man with a buzzcut and a beard
behrouz sasani/Pexels / Pexels

Men have been cutting their hair since the days of using sharp rocks to cut the ends off. We have had dozens of different styles that can make us look put together, unkempt, or somewhere in between. Whether you are rocking the Bruce Willis or Jason Statham bald look or the Jason Momoa or Chris Hemsworth long and flowing locks, your hair says a lot about your personality and lifestyle, and the buzz cut is no different

The buzz cut is the shortest of hairstyles, at least the shortest where hair is still there, and is one of the manliest and most attractive options a man can choose. It is the style most often chosen by the military and law enforcement as it is short enough to stay out of the way when stuff hits the fan. While you may think that all buzz cuts are the same, there are numerous versions. Here are five of the most common versions of the buzz cut for you to try out for yourself.

Man with Buzz cut leaning on the wall

Uniform Buzz

The uniform buzz is the shortest of the group, as it is typically achieved by using a 1 or 2 on the clippers to shorten all of the hair to the same length. If you are ever in a situation where you have to cut your own hair at home, this is the easiest and safest to achieve for beginners because there is no fading involved.

Fun fact about the uniform buzz cut, while it may seem like a fitting name because all of the hair is cut to the same length in a uniform fashion, it actually got its name from those who got the cut when they joined the Army. The same day you received all your uniforms at reception, you sat down and got the uniform cut, same as everyone else.

Man with a buzz cut chewing on glasses
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Mid Fade

There are all sorts of fade hairstyles that you can choose from if you want a style that is short on the sides and back and long on the top. But the buzz cut version is a little different in that the sides remain short like the rest, but the top is only slightly longer. For example, the sides and back will have a length similar to the uniform buzz, while the top is one length longer.

What constitutes a mid fade is the transition from the shortest to the longest length of the style happens at the temple, from the bottom to the middle. This style is still short enough that when you roll out of bed in the morning, you likely won’t have to touch it; it’s a maintenance-free wonder.

Man with a buzz cut
Lizzy Jenkins/Pexels / Pexels

High and Tight

Technically, the high and tight is also a buzz cut fade, and it is so similar to the mid fade that all of the lengths are the exact same. The biggest difference between the two is the location of the fade. While the mid fade’s transition takes place at the temple, the high and tight doesn’t begin the transition until above the temple.

While the uniform fade is the first style that soldiers get when they show up to basic training, the high and tight is the style that soldiers graduate to once they are out of basic and at their duty station. It is also very common among the police. Depending on your hair thickness, you may have to do minor styling, but it is still going to be one of the easiest things you do every morning.

Man with a crew cut and flannel
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Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most popular short haircuts on the street today. It is characterized by the short sides and back, similar to the uniform cut, and gradually gets a little longer as it travels up. It begins its transition at the same place the mid fade does; only it separates itself from those because it is longer on the top, likely more like two lengths.

The crew cut is also one of the more popular looks in Hollywood today as well. It has been sported by the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Justin Timberlake. This is the look you want to go with if you want something short and easy to deal with but still want the freedom to style your hair.

Barber cutting a brush cut
Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels / Pexels

Brush Cut

This is the longest on the list, but it still starts off just as short as the buzz cut. The brush cut is for those gentlemen who want maximum style capability while still keeping the back and the sides short. This look is characterized by the sides and back being short, probably around a 2 or 3 max, and then the top being long enough to comb over to the side or pushed back.

The undercut, made popular by the Peaky Blinders a few years ago, is an evolution of this look as they kept their sides and back almost shaved to the skin, while their tops were long. The brush cut is not as long as the undercut but does have the same principle. If you want to make your life easier, have your barber cut a forced part into your hair so you never have to worry about getting a straight part.

There you have it, five buzz cuts to make you look stronger and manlier. Pick up some trimmers and go to work, seeing which one of these works best for you.

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