Brush Your Teeth Better With Quip

brush your teeth better with quip toothbrush 02

Purchasing a new toothbrush every three months might not be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Many of us don’t know how often we should replace our toothbrushes or we just don’t care. The number of toothbrushes on the market might daunt those of us who are on it. What’s better, manual or electronic? Pink or blue? Luckily for us, Quip is here to change all that. Quip “was founded with the belief that good design offered more effective solutions to personal care than gimmicks and technology,” says its website. “Working from the ground up, we address oral health through beautiful, simple, and affordable products.”

What is Quip? The concept began when a visit to the dentist taught them that most conventional bristles weren’t good for our teeth. The angled bristles wear out faster, rendering them pretty useless at cleaning your teeth. Then, founder Simon Enever, a designer by trade, found out that most toothbrushes weren’t fully equipped to adequately clean our teeth, so he gathered some dentists to consult on what would be a well-designed toothbrush.

The resolution they came up with was the Quip toothbrush. It’s affordable, designed to clean your teeth the way they should be cleaned, and if you opt for a subscription, it will come to your door every three months. Simply select the manual or electric model, and whether or not you want to subscribe. You get to keep the same base and get new heads regularly. Quip also makes toothpaste in both regular size that you can also opt to get regular shipments of, and a travel size.

So there you have it — a well designed, simple toothbrush that actually cleans your teeth! What a novel concept.

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