Thai Summer: Beer and Blowfish at New York’s Uncle Boon’s

While there’s no denying that cold beer and seafood are a fantastic combo all year round, we all know that this pairing is a timeless symbol of summer. Uncle Boon’s, one of New York’s newest restaurants is completely aware of that fact, which is why this summer they are providing a new hot weather treat: blowfish tails and beer slushies.

With its doors opening this past April, Uncle Boon’s is a brand new Thai restaurant in New York’s Nolita neighborhood. The restaurant is the creation of husband and wife team Matt Danzer and Ann Redding, who first met while cooking at the world famous Per Se. Uncle Boon’s is named after Redding’s uncle and the menu is inspired by her upbringing in Thailand.

Thai cuisine features some of the most flavorful and diverse dishes in the entire world, and Redding and Danzer’s menu is no different. There are pork dishes such as Kao Pat Kuk Kapi (grilled pork spare ribs with shrimp paste rice, green mango, shallot and long beans), curries like Massaman Neuh (beef cheeks with Massaman curry, potato, red onion, peanut and green peppercorn) and traditional specialties like Kai Yang Muah Thai (rotisserie chicken with dipping sauces).

Then there is the charcoal grill, which is where you can order fresh grilled blowfish tails (or Pak Pau) served with lime, garlic and chile dipping sauce. This is the kind of dish that is perfectly paired with the special Uncle Boon’s beer slushie, which is Singha beer that is frozen and then slowly thaws while you eat. These are served at fairs throughout Thailand and provide the perfect elixir after a long hot day on the streets of New York.

All of this occurs in a space inspired by the décor of 1960’s and 1970’s Thai homes, including a beautiful 14-foot cherry wood slab bar. The dining rooms are decorated with vintage Thai movie posters, electric rattan chandeliers and antique family heirlooms from Redding’s family, while classic 70’s music and Thai hits drift through the air. Danzer and Redding’s detailed touch creates a laid back environment that is hard to find in many restaurants.

If drinking frozen beer slushies and eating grilled blowfish tails in a relaxing space sound good to you—then I’m sure you haven’t waited to get this far to make a reservation at Uncle Boon’s.

Featured image courtesy of Evan Sung.

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