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Save $145 on the Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven — Today Only

There is cookware, and then there is Le Creuset. The legendary french brand has cast its name in iron as the premier maker of pots, pans, and even appliances. Today only, you can experience the storied quality of their signature dutch oven for nearly 50% off. The 3.5 quart Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Oval Dutch Oven is $145 off at Amazon. It’s only $160, down from its regular price of $305. Better act quick; a hot deal like this one has to evaporate soon.

Let’s talk about size. When preparing food, the size of your pot or pan, can determine your potential (other your imitation, and a heat source, it’s really the only limitation). There are certain recipes that simply require a larger vessel: stews, mac and cheese, pot roast, bouillabaise, oven-baked chicken; the list goes on. That’s what is wonderful about Le Creuset’s signature dutch over. Its volume of 3.5 quarts is the perfect size for larger dishes. It’s perfectly fitting for things like chile, soup, or ribs; dishes that can feed a whole family, or an entire dinner party.

Like many of Le Creuset’s signature pans and pots, the dutch oven is made of cast iron, which is ideal for both retaining heat, and distributing it. That’s key for cooking, because it insures that whatever’s inside will stay at a consistent temperature (ideal when you’re roasting veggies or meats, or making stews) and that that temperature will hit everything the same way. When you’re cooking, consistency is key, and this pot delivers it. It’s also equipped with a knob on the lid which can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees. They’ve also extended the handles — which are part of the singular cast iron structure, so they’ll be as hot as the rest of the pot — so that the pot is easier to handle and lift, even with oven mitts.

Something else Le Creuset provides that other companies don’t is an interior that’s enamel-coated. This is absolutely key for several reasons. Firstly, it’s super helpful if you’re making things like sauces, or sweet items, which would otherwise stick to a cast-iron pot. Essentially, it makes it easier to stir. And clean. Anyone who’s dealt with cast iron knows it can be a nightmare to scrub. Enamel helps with that (but you need to be gentler). Finally, it’s a lovely sand color, which helps you keep an eye on your food and measure how well it’s cooking.

You have almost infinite choices when it comes to cookware, but there is literally nothing out there like Le Creuset. Over generations, they’ve built up their reputations as the best in the kitchen, for good reason. Today only, you can score their legendary dutch oven, for nearly half off. It’s only $160! That’s $145 off its original price of $305. Don’t miss out!

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