Upgrade Your Kitchen Essentials with Material’s New Iconics Collection

You might remember Material from its debut earlier this year. The brand is dedicated to creating well-crafted kitchen tools that are as beautiful to display as they are easy to use, which is evident in its latest release. The tools, which are available beginning October 17, 2018, include the first new products from the company since its launch in March, and oh boy, was the wait worth it.

Here’s a breakdown of all the gorgeous new gadgets that you’re going to want to get in your kitchen, stat.

The Iconics Collection – $245

material kitchen tools iconics collection materials icons

The aptly named Iconics Collection is a set of nine quintessential kitchen tools and a handsome base to keep them neatly organized. The set includes six of Material’s existing tools, now available in limited edition colors:

  • The 8-inch Knife is made with three layers of Japanese steel and a hand-finished, stain-resistant handle. It’s both sturdy and sharp and will last through years of just about anything you need to accomplish in the kitchen.
  • The Almost 4-inch Knife, also constructed with three layers of Japanese steel, is built for perfectly precise cutting, mincing, peeling, and shaving.
  • The Metal Spoon is made of stainless steel, with an extra wide head that makes it great for both stirring and serving. It also happens to hold exactly 1/4 cup per spoonful, so it comes in handy for measuring ingredients or portion sizes.
  • The Only Tongs really are the only tongs you’re gonna need from here on out. They’re designed to lock and unlock with a quick squeeze-and-flip motion that keeps your other hand free while cooking and also makes you look like a pretty dope tong-slinger at the same time.
  • The Slotted Spatula has just the right balance of strength and flexibility that makes it a catch-all tool. You’ll be equally satisfied using it to handle hearty burgers or delicate fish fillets.
  • The Wooden Spoon incorporates an updated, angled design that makes it easy to scoop out all the deliciousness from every corner of every pan, while still maintaining the cozy, classic feel of the timeless tool.
  • The Base is a handsome, minimalist replacement for unkempt drawers and old coffee cans full of hand-me-down utensils. It has a subtle, angled profile and a magnetic wall to easily store your knives.
material kitchen tools iconics collection three new

Building on the already well-rounded set of tools, Material’s Iconics Collection also adds three new players to the mix:

  • The Air Wisk is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to clean, with 12 wire loops and a stainless steel build.
  • The Slotted Spoon is a clever combination of a traditional slotted spoon and a spider strainer, resulting in a large, multi-functional spoon that’s great for anything that requires straining and draining.
  • The Serrated 6-inch Knife rounds out the collection with a wavy edge that produces super-smooth cuts whether you’re cutting a peach or slicing off a piece of good, crusty bread.

If you already jumped on the bandwagon and purchased Material’s Fundamentals kitchen tool set, you can purchase all three new tools separately to add to your collection.

The company is also introducing The Stand, a modern replacement for chunky knife blocks that you can purchase individually or as a set with all of the brand’s knives.

If you’re tired of a cluttered kitchen filled with tools that have seen better days, treat yourself to an upgrade with Material’s new collection.

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