Bet We Can Make a Tea Drinker Out of You

bet can make tea drinker
Think you can’t live without that cup o’ Joe in the morning? You might think again when we tempt your taste buds with tea. That’s right. You might discover a tea drinker inside you who wants to duel with the coffee drinker side. It’s okay, there’s room for both in your life. Check out some of the flavorful, and amusing, varieties we’ve uncovered.

Zoomdweebie’s Tea 

As they boast proudly on their webside, they are “NOT Aunt Mabel’s or Grandma Hattie’s tea.” They hand craft their teas in small batches and you’ll be amazed at the flavor combinations they’ve come up with. Here’s a small sample: Napalm Ferret Green Tea. Butterbeer Tea, Smaug Tea (ingredients include things like cinnamon chips, cayenne pepper and magic), and an OYGFIB blend which stands for Orange you glad Frank is bananas?

See, you had no idea tea could be this tasty or this much fun.


You’ll also find an assortment of Manteas at Zoomdweebie’s and there’s bacon involved. We knew that would get your attention. Sip a steaming cup of smoky bacon or chocolate bacon tea. It will make a believer out of you and you’ll soon wonder why you were so clingy about your coffee. Other blends include RadioactivitTEA, Mayan Chocolate Chai and Maple Bacon Black Tea.

Enhance Your Health

Yogi Tea offers a special blend called “Men’s Tea,” which has a roasted spice flavor that includes ginger, ginseng and chili. The company based the creation on Ayurvedic principles for an active and productive life. We also found a tea designed to promote male fertility and sexual vitality. ViriliTea is crafted from a wide mix of flavors and herbs such as ginger, cat mint, cinnamon bark, stevia, ginseng, mulra puama, epimedium, goji berry and more.

Beer-Tea combos

Developing an appreciation for tea is not lost on craft beer brewers. You’ll find several varieties that have tea infused into the beer to give it a distinctive flavor. Here are a few: Dogfish Head Sah’tea, which is flavored with black tea; ParTea Pale Ale brewed with whole leaf black tea; Beaver Brewing Chamomile Wheat infused with chamomile tea; and Gilgamesh Brewing Mamba crafted with black tea, bergamot, tangerine peel and rye.

Photo: T-Rex tea infuser sold by $10.99

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