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6 Cold Brews to Quench Your Summer Caffeine Cravings

6 cold brews quench summer caffeine cravings iced coffee
We can’t tell you how excited we get to have a cup of ice-cold coffee when the weather warms up. In fact, we even drink iced coffee when it’s not so hot outside. What we love more is the convenience of all these cold brews that have been popping up. There’s nothing like pulling out a delicious cup of iced coffee to get you caffeinated for your work day — or any day for that matter. Here are some you should try.

Grady’s Cold Brew
Grady’s is New Orleans-style iced coffee at its best — with a hint of spiciness for an extra added kick.
$12 for 32 oz at

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Blue Bottle Iced Coffee
The packaging of this VC-funded iced coffee reminds us of our elementary school cafeteria milk cartons, and it’s perfect for those of you who like your iced coffee milky and sweet.
For more information, visit

Stumptown Cold Brew
This stuff is smooth, sweet and full-bodied with a long chocolate finish, now how’s that for iced cold cup?
For more information, visit

Birch Iced Coffee
Sustainable coffee you want? Pick up a jug of Birch and feel good about it till the very last drop.
$25 a jug at

Kickstand Coffee Concentrate
Kickstand is probably the most versatile of the bunch. Not only can you drink it cold, but you can drink it hot, use it in recipes or turn it into a cocktail (not that you can’t do that with the others, but that’s what their website says).
$23 for 32 oz at

La Colombe Pure Black Cold Brew
Bold and black, this stuff is “steeped for 16 hours in stainless steel wine tanks, free from oxygen, pressed and filtered twice.” With all that work put into it, it has no excuse not to be good.
$6 for 2 12 oz bottles at

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