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These Super-Smart Scales Measure Your BMI, and Only Cost $30

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Have you been trying to eat a little healthier and exercise more lately? We get it. Pretty much everyone feels that way when winter is on its way out and spring is near. It’s good to feel healthier about yourself and feel a little more in shape. We think we’ve got the perfect smart scales to help facilitate that. Even better, they cost just $30.

The Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scales offer exactly what you need from smart scales, which is precisely why we featured them in our look at the best smart scales. In all, the scales offer 13 different forms of body composition data. These include your fat-free body weight, your regular weight, your BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, protein levels, metabolic age, skeletal muscle, and subcutaneous fat levels. It all works via some high-sensitivity sensors and electrodes that ensure you get precise body measurements with the latest Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA).

With so much information at your fingertips, you’ll learn a lot more about your body than simply your weight. After all, those stark figures only tell part of the story, and things like your body fat percentage and bone mass are far more important to a healthy lifestyle.

Once you’ve gained these figures, you can then use the Renpho app to sync the data with all your favorite fitness apps like Samsung Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, and the Fitbit app. Knowledge is power and a great way of keeping you motivated toward your fitness goals. The app can give you an overview and help you track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress so you can see exactly how you’re doing.

Far superior to a traditional weight scale, the Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scales are a great addition to your fitness arsenal. They work with an unlimited number of users, too, so the whole family can track their progress without any issues.

Lightweight and slim, the Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scales will look good in your bathroom, and you can easily store it out of the way as needed. Ordinarily priced at $50, these scales are just $30, which makes for an even sweeter deal than usual.

Jen Allen
Freelance Writer
Jen Allen is a technology and lifestyle writer with over 10 years of experience.
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