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These Bestselling Road Bike Shoes Are on Sale For Prime Day


For those who have pedaled themselves into the indoor cycling boom over the past year, you’ve likely realized that once the bike is under you, there are plenty of additional items that will make your rides more enjoyable and effective. A mat underneath to catch sweat, a towel to sop up what you can, and a water bottle to replenish fluids are all must-haves. But one of the most commonly overlooked essentials, a pair of cycling-specific shoes, is more important than all of these other items. There are a host of reasons why you should invest in a quality pair of road biking shoes for your indoor bike, and thanks to the Scurtain Men’s Cycling Shoes, now on sale through Amazon Prime Day deals, you can pick up a pair cheaper than ever.

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If you’ve been hammering the pedals with an old pair of running shoes, you’re not cycling to your fullest potential. The reason is simple: Their cushy foam, while comfortable on asphalt, only leeches power from your revolutions in the saddle. In contrast, road biking shoes are designed to fit snugly, allowing little movement within, and they feature a firm outsole that, while not comfortable walking around, is tailor-made for transferring power from your quads into the pedals. It’s the closest thing to performance enhancement you’ll find short of a syringe.

But beyond power transfer down, there’s an even greater reason for road bike shoes, and it comes when you attach them to the bike itself. Proper road bike shoes attach to your bike via screwed-in cleats, which then snap into clipless pedals. Once connected, you’re now able to pull as well as push, essentially doubling your output with the same amount of energy. Making full circles, as it’s referred to in the biking community, is one of the most basic techniques you’ll learn, and it’s essential to going faster, farther, and more efficiently. If you’ve only been pushing down to date, just wait until you can go both ways.

These shoes by Scurtain feature a synthetic leather upper perforated for breathability and secured to the foot via a velcro strap over the toes and a BOA-like ratcheting system over the arch. The result is a custom fit every wear, even after break-in. Underneath, a nylon outsole provides greater rigidity for power transfer and is compatible with most modern cleats.

If you’re like many who have made a Peloton, NordicTrack, ProForm, or Echelon bike a part of your daily fitness routine, then it’s time to get the full experience with a pair of cycling shoes. Granted, over time you may prefer to invest in a pair with carbon fiber and a host of other bells and whistles. But when it comes to the basics, the Scurtain Cycling Shoes will allow you to develop proper technique right now, and, as a result, ride better than ever before. So zip over to Amazon Prime and pick up a pair today.

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