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Spark your fitness journey with accessible home gym equipment from Major Fitness

Major FItness family workout with Dad and son on Spirit B52 AIO home gym
Major Fitness

A gym membership is great, especially since it gives you access to a lot of useful fitness and health equipment you probably don’t have at home. But at some point, if you’re serious about your fitness journey, you’ll probably start looking into getting some gear for your place. Having at least something on hand is perfect for those days when you’re tired, got off work late, but don’t want to hit the gym. Or, better yet, when you’ve woken up early and you’re ready to hit the equipment first thing. While there are a few brands you could turn to, we recommend checking out Major Fitness. Its mission is specifically to “enable your fitness journey,” and a huge part of that mission is offering accessible, excellently crafted fitness equipment from power racks and Smith machines to storage options, free weights like dumbbells, and much more.

Of course, we like Major Fitness because of its focus on people first. They don’t just want to deliver equipment and leave you to the wolves. They want to help you craft a customized and ultimate home gym that meets your needs. There’s no sense in getting equipment you’re not going to use, but at the same time, you want something that will evolve with you along your journey. As your strength, focus, and exercises change, your workout system will also grow with your body. Major Fitness aims to be a fitness companion rather than just a provider, continuously improving alongside you with your personal wellness and growth in mind.

Why Major Fitness?

Major Fitness home gym B52-family workout
Major Fitness

With its selection of innovative all-in-one home gym solutions — like the — you get an extensive system, all ready for whatever you want to take on. But more importantly, if you don’t need or want something that decked out, you can order what you need now without worrying about whether new gear will be compatible later. Major Fitness’ commitment to quality, innovation, and your personal fitness journey means it’s always ready to guide you to your stronger self.

Beyond all-encompassing workout solutions, there are several reasons why Major Fitness is ahead of the game. Most of its equipment supports multiple users, meaning it’s perfect for couples or families. Multiple users can work out simultaneously without getting in each other’s way. Of course, many know that one of the significant benefits of visiting a local gym outside the home is that you can work out socially with others, which sometimes works out better by holding you to the fire — making sure you’re doing what you need to. A workout system that supports multiple users means everyone can work out together, improving motivation, persistence, and the overall experience.

Major Fitness also has an extensive selection of gear, from power racks and dumbbell benches to barbells and weight plates. If you need it, they carry it. No more traveling, visiting multiple stores, or tracking down equipment not held by a retailer locally. It’s a one-stop shop for all your home gym needs to build the ultimate home gym.

It doesn’t hurt that that Major Fitness equipment is endorsed by Olympic champions , emphasizing its commitment to inspiring and empowering your fitness journey. Jorgensen, a 2016 Rio Olympic Champion and two-time World Champion highlights the importance of strength training in balancing her professional career and motherhood. Her uplifting story underscores how Major Fitness equipment has helped her stay fit and injury-free while spending more time with her family.

Through the Major Athletes Program, Major Fitness connects users with the training philosophies and personal stories of exceptional athletes. These narratives not only provide motivation but also offer practical insights into integrating elite athletic practices into everyday fitness routines. This approach helps make top-level fitness relatable and achievable for everyone. But rather than sing endless praises, it’s probably best to take a closer look at some of Major Fitness’ .

Accessible home gym equipment: Everything you need, when you need it

Suppose you’re ready to build the ultimate system. Major Fitness offers plenty of options, like the aforementioned Spirit B52 AIO system, which is a 5-in-1 strength training system in a single machine, or the newly released leg press and hack squat machine. With it, you can shape and build the perfectly chiseled legs. It’s engineered to help develop and strengthen your lower body muscles, including hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Moreover, various safety components ensure you can train confidently with heavier weights, even in the event of muscle failure. Uniquely designed safety rails on both sides stop the carriage from lowering when you’re having difficulty. Available as a pre-sale starting 6/10, you can take advantage of discounted pre-sale pricing of $1,400.

Major Fitness also carries barbells, weight plates, adjustable benches, power racks, Smith machines, you name it, it’s all here. There are even various accessories like dip bars, leg extension tools, weight plate holders, mono lifts, and more. You don’t have to order it all at once. Instead, you can add on over time, helping you build the incredible home gym you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to start your personal fitness journey, or you’ve been waiting for a sign, here it is. At the least, why not check out some of Major Fitness’ fantastic deals? Most of its equipment is on sale right now with big discounts. You can count that as another sign it’s time to start building that home gym.

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