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Why every well-dressed man needs a St. Dupont lighter

St Dupont luxury lighter on table open
S.T. Dupont

Smoker or not, every gentleman should carry a lighter on their person. In part, humankind’s evolution greatly depended on its ability to create fire. But not just create. Controlling fire, or its domestication, has allowed us to truly thrive in the centuries since. In a way, carrying a portable firestarter with you everywhere is the ultimate privilege of modern life and one that we should all honor. Not just any old lighter will do, however, especially when carrying it as an accessory. It should compliment your outfit and style and make a bold statement about who you are. You need to look into carrying one of the best luxury lighters. At the risk of sounding advertorial, the best place to look for such a thing is S.T. Dupont.


Carrying an S.T. Dupont lighter certainly makes a statement about who you are, but more importantly, it inspires, thanks to the timeless history of the brand. Like a pocketwatch, it’s a fixture of your ambition and readiness, particularly regarding light, warmth, and survival. While that might sound pretentious here and now, allow us to explain.

The S.T. Dupont story

ST Dupont Megajet luxury lighter on desk
S.T. Dupont

As a French manufacturer based in Paris, S.T. Dupont has a storied history of delivering elegant, high-end products and luxury goods, including handbags, perfumes, cigarettes, collectible pens, and lighters. Its designs — on lighters especially — always imbue an air of wonder and mystery without sacrificing the brand’s noble refinement and grandeur.

Its true beginnings hearken back to 1872 when Simon Tissot Dupont opened his first leatherwork shop in Paris at the age of 25. From there, the brand released a wide variety of excellent and luxury products, growing into what it is today.

But it wasn’t until Dupont’s first luxury lighter was developed in 1941 that the true magic began. Unlike some models made at the time, it was crafted out of aluminum. That’s because brass was in short supply — it was strictly used as a metal for war purposes. The first design looked a lot like the the brand currently sells. The materials, the design, and the craftsmanship all served their purpose by offering something that most people had never seen before.

Later, from about 1958 to 1963, construction switched to mainly gold, with a small amount of brass. Around that time, Pablo Picasso entered into the first-ever collaboration with the brand, personalizing lighters by adorning them with sketches in his iconic style. Since then, S.T. Dupont has continued to push the boundaries of sophistication, which has led to some incredible products — like the $60,000+ .

Why a lighter?

ST Dupont Haute Creation Casino luxury lighter with flames
S.T. Dupont

Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting you acquire a lighter worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, although it is alluring. The rich history is the focus, and since its founding in the early 1870s, the brand has continued to innovate, captivate, and thrive, not unlike the modern human. You.

You see, it is also a symbol of our undying devotion to grow and be better. Not just to survive but to go beyond, doing things like domesticating fire in new and exciting ways. Yes, the design can help you make a fashion statement, but there’s just something divine about carrying a portable firestarter in your pocket.

Practicality does tend to win out over fashion in most cases, and when it comes to that, there are many reasons why you might carry a lighter, namely…

To create fire

Billy Joel might openly declare that “we didn’t start the fire,” but even his reference to history’s momentum highlights the importance of humankind’s ability to create. Integral to that ability are the tools we use, like the wheel or, in this case, a firestarter. Cutting through the word soup, the main reason to carry a lighter on you is to create fire.

Being able to create fire, just in case, is a defense against a world that truly doesn’t care about you. You can build a fire in an emergency to warm yourself, eat, and survive. You can also quickly start your grill, camping or not, ignite tobacco, or create a light. It’s versatile and about as practical as it gets.

For the exclusivity

Unlike most modern products, luxury lighters are not mass-produced. They’re only available in limited quantities, especially S.T. Dupont’s offerings. Some are handcrafted, and others are painstakingly detailed, so much so that you’ll never find another item like it. These designs, passed down by generations upon generations of passionate, skilled artisans, are indeed one-of-a-kind.

So, owning one of these rare lighters shows your appreciation for their history, craftsmanship, and quality. It also shows your dedication to upholding those ideals — all things a proper gentleman should aspire to.

A symbol of sophistication

Like any fashion statement or accessory, luxury lighters are a symbol of status and sophistication. Why do people want designer handbags and clothing? To signify their social standing and success. To show they can afford to own said brand and deserve to wear it unflinchingly in public. Regardless of how deserving you feel, lighting a cigarette or cigar with a luxury lighter or palming one like a lucky charm says something about who you are.

Nostalgia and tradition

No, cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco are not as prominent as they once were. The average person doesn’t have a pressing need to carry a lighter, certainly not a luxury lighter. But there’s something profoundly nostalgic about carrying a lighter and being able to spark a flame on command. Like sophisticated gentlemen of the past carrying a timeless pocket watch with them, you might also enjoy the satisfaction of tradition.

It’s an almost ritualistic preparedness to always have a lighter with you, particularly one that will astonish and impress those around you when it’s brandished. It’s a feeling that no modern device can provide, even the digital arc lighters of today.

Some S.T. Dupont lighters to consider

You’ll have quite the selection if you’re looking for one of the best standard lighters. Luxury lighters, on the other hand, are not as prevalent. There are only a handful of brands worth owning, one of the top being S.T. Dupont, and that’s because almost every one of its lighters is exquisite. Here are a few you should consider:

  • — $215 to $265
  • — $265
  • — $290 to $1,795
  • — $425 to $450
  • — $1,595 to $1,895
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