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What’s In Your Bag? – NYE

New Year’s Eve !!  Are you celebrating the end of this year, or the beginning of a new one? Whichever is your point of view, many people spend it out of town.  We here at The Manual wanted to suggest a few options for you when beginning the #dreaded pack.

Graf & Lantz – Pack up this grey wool and leather carry-on bag.  Great size for a few days away.

Oliver Spencer – No matter what you pair this navy velvet blazer with, you are headed #FTW and will class up your New Year’s crew.

L.L. Bean – A Union Suit is a great piece to layer and to lounge, or keep warm when celebrating in the outdoors, and the grey option is a little less elfish than the tradition red.

Williamsburg Garment Co. – Nothing beats a great fitting pair of dark denim made in America.   And with no stitching, this jean focuses more on the actual denim, and less on ornamentation.

Coach – This variegated wool and cashmere striped scarf that measures 62 x 12”, not only keeps you warm, but will have you looking dapper in all those New Year’s Instagrams.

Coach –  Cashmere knit cap, because this is a hit in any color.  But please don’t get all matchy matchy with your scarf!

Sebago – The Pinehurst Boot with its pinked & perfed detailing make the perfect boot to take on the town, or head to New Year’s Day hangover brunch.

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