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West Skincare Is the Best New Grooming Product Line for Active Guys

The formula behind West Skincare is a simple one: Active pursuits for today’s modern gentleman mean that he needs skincare that promotes active recovery, preferably fueled by active ingredients. And to founder Matthew Ankeny, it also comes down to what he calls a “fewer, better products approach.” 

Whereas taking a spin down the aisle at your local drugstore can yield some less-than-optimal results in terms of quality, West Skincare is different — and we think you’ll see different end results, too. The West Skincare lineup is simple, straightforward and to-the-point, but certainly not in a bad way. Named after the beauty and diversity of the Western United States (Ankeny has lived in San Francisco and Seattle, among other locales), West Skincare is a fitting brand for those who pursue outdoor adventure, as well as those who simply want to amp up their skincare routine. 

West Skincare

Featuring an excellent and lightweight moisturizer (prime for daily use) and a refreshing cleanser (made sustainably with lemon and passionflower for a clean finish), the collection also includes a Facial Scrub and a Facial Mask, plus our personal favorite. Drum roll, please: The West Skincare Recovery Cream is top-notch and just what you need to hydrate and restore your skin; it’s made with unique ingredients like sea whip extract to soothe, not irritate. 

The tailored lineup of products, each with a specific focus (use the Moisturizer after the Facial Scrub, for instance), works particularly well for someone who wants to care for their skin without going overboard. 

West Skincare

“I think that’s what works, and for someone just starting to care for their skin, it’s much more approachable,” he said. West Skincare takes things a step further with handy guides like how to use a cleanser, among others. And with an emphasis on transparency (including sharing the pH details of each product on its product page), Ankeny believes West Skincare consumers are already getting a natural leg up when it comes to better skincare. 

For our money’s worth, you can’t go wrong with the Complete Collection, the full set of West Skincare products to help you hit the ground running. Try it just once and you might never go back to your drugstore products again.

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