Unis New York: Mix and Match Dressing for Minimalists

Classic, easy, local. These are the three words that UNIS New York uses to describe itself. The menswear brand are awesome at producing simple, laid-back pieces that evoke that unbeatable loved, worn-in vibe while still managing to be directional, because of the simplicity. You won’t find a single print in the current collection, these are clothes for the mix and match minimalist.

The brand was founded by Eunis Lee in 2000, in downtown New York, where you’ll find the Nolita-based flagship. Each season, the designer creates a fresh offering of intuitive, effortless and modern t-shirts, pants and outerwear, available in a well-considered palette. Each sleeve and silhouette appear to have been pored over so much that the pieces will probably feel just as relevant next season.

As well as bossing the art of understated clothing design, the Unis brand is mindful of production and fabrics. The label intends to stay true to its all-American production and only sources material from carefully selected fabric mills in the EU, Japan and the USA. The benefits of Lee’s strict design ethos become all to clear when you slip on a sumptuous texturized jersey cotton tee or climb into a pair of the Ford flat front trousers, crafted from 100% Italian cotton twill. The quality and feel of each fabric is something special.

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