TWOTHIRDS: For The Modern Man by the Sea

In recent years, the trend for many companies has been to become more socially and environmentally responsible. I don’t know about you, but I am more apt to shop from a company that is having a positive impact, rather than from one that doesn’t. Clothing line TWOTHIRDS posture their brand as socially responsible in an ocean of others that are not. The company hails from founder Lutz Schwenke in Europe’s top surfing destination San Sebastian. And their clothing is first and foremost inspired by the ocean.

At TWOTHIRDS they create quality clothing directly inspired by the fact that two thirds of the world is covered in water and by the their manifesto to “protect what you love.”

“We are surfers and love the ocean, that is why we want to do a little something to do things better and minimize our impact on the ocean.” Schwenke said. “Our entire supply chain is measured by that impact”

TWOTHIRDS reduces their environmental impact by using recycled fabrics, dead stock fabrics (AKA good quality leftovers) and biodegradable packaging. If that’s not enough, they donate more than 10 percent of gross profits to efforts that preserve oceans. They also run an educational program called Sentinel, a sort of online blog, which features individuals who contribute in some way to preserve bodies of water.

Aside from the companies preservation efforts, they create menswear for the modern man that can be worn in the city or by the sea.  Their Spring/Summer 2013  line illustrates the surfer’s emotional ties to the sea with a fashion forward twist. It has a nice combination of leisure and formal wear.

“The line was more fashion focused an less sports oriented. The overall theme was a sailing trip to a secluded surf spot in the Basque country,” Schwenke said.

It also adds some refreshing splashes of red to break up the nautical blues and whites commonly found in ocean apparel. Our favorites are the classic looks with the nautical-inspired jackets and laid-back rolled up khaki’s or shorts.