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Timex sale: Save on 22 watches including the Peanuts collection


If you’re looking for awesome Timex watch deals, go straight to the source with a big sale at Timex which includes popular collaborations like Peanuts as well as some stylish options that will look perfect in the office. There’s up to $100 off select models but we can’t say how long the sale is set to last. If you’re keen to buy yourself a new watch for a special occasion, hit the button below to see what great value is around as part of the Timex sale. If you’re not sure where to start, read on while we pick out some of our favorite Timex deals.

What to shop for in the Timex sale

There’s a fascinating story behind how Timex watches became fashionable again and the Timex watches on sale are a good example of how far they’ve come. For instance, there’s the will look great in the office as well as when you head out for a meal later in the day. It’s currently down to $210 from $299 so you’re saving $89. The watch has been inspired by the 1970s Q Timex and has been elevated with a 21-jewel automatic movement. Its 40-hour power reserve is energized by your motion and it can also be wound manually by using the crown. It has a green and black unidirectional bezel with a black dial, luminous dial markings, and a stainless steel bracelet.

Another one of the best Timex watches is a fun timepiece. It’s the . Usually $109, it’s down to just $76. The 40mm silver-tone case profile surrounds a cheerful white dial displaying Snoopy heart graphics which are designed to manifest a sense of optimism. It also has an INDIGLO backlight so it’s suitably vibrant and fun.

If you want something more adventure-focused, consider the . Usually $219, it’s down to $154 so you save $65 and snag a bargain. It has an hour hand and red second hour hand which can be set independently to track two different time zones so it’s perfect if you work across time zones. There’s also a rotating top ring for accommodating a third time zone using either of the hour hands. A standard chronograph function completes the set with the dive-inspired look proving gorgeous yet clear to use. Its synthetic rubber strap means it’s suitably robust too.

Just a small insight into what the Timex sale has to offer, there’s a watch design for every possible need. At these prices, you can also enjoy a more frivolous purchase with some quirky designs that should be fun to add to your collection. Check them all out now by tapping the button below. The sale is likely to end soon with some watches already displaying low stock warnings, so don’t delay.

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