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Tiffany Unveils the New CT60 Watch Collection

What defines a New York minute? Is it the indomitable pace of life in the big city or simply serendipity? If Tiffany & Co. would have it, it would be any one of the 23 timepieces from its stunning new CT60 watch collection. Powered by hand-assembled Swiss movements, the CT60 collection of chronographs, 3-hand and calendar timepieces indeed captures the pulse, creative potential, and aesthetic of modern New York, while taking inspiration from a gold watch gifted to President Roosevelt who debuted the timepiece at the historic Yalta Conference of 1945.

Today’s styles may not sport the President’s inscription “with loyalty, respect and affection,” but embody Tiffany’s heritage no less as a watchmaking pioneer and official time-keeper of modern life. By installing one of New York’s first public clocks outside his store entrance, founder Charles Lewis Tiffany helped New Yorkers keep time literally and by 1883 Tiffany & Co. was regulating more than 400 clocks of its customers.

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True to tradition, the new CT60 watches showcase only the finest movements and time-honored techniques including Côtes de Genève, Colimaçon, and Perlage finishings. The watches additionally include chronographs in stainless steel with self-winding mechanical movements; black, white and blue soleil dials; and silver poudré numerals. Other notable styles include 3-hand timepieces in 18-karat rose gold with gold poudré numerals, diamond bezels, and alligator leather straps.

In the spirit of true invention, Tiffany & Co. simultaneously released last week the Tiffany East West collection of timepieces whose faces are turned on their side so the 12 o’clock numeral faces south. Still, if it’s a truly covetable timepiece you’re after, nothing trumps the CT60 18-karat rose gold calendar watch, sported above by fashion icon Nick Wooster (one of four faces of the new collection including New York Jets wide receiver Victor Cruz, restauranteur Marcus Samuelsson, and auctioneer Alexander Gilkes) with a 42-hour power reserve, shock-absorption system, and sapphire crystal display back, created in a limited edition of 60, each numbered on the case back. To put the significance of the timepiece into perspective, if Tiffany & Co. hadn’t been a mover and shaker in the men’s watch game before, it is now. The Tiffany CT60 collection runs from $4,250 to $19,000, and is available for immediate purchase worldwide.

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