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The best sport polos for active men who don’t sweat it

Dress it up with a blazer or keep it laid back with a pair of jeans. A sport polo is the jack of all trades for spring and summer looks. With breathable fabrics and a semi-formal style, this top passes for both work environments and outdoor activities. To help you find the perfect fit, we’ve gone over the top-rated shirts here.

The humble sport polo is worn by many professionals from your OG tennis players to corporate staff. Today, polo shirts are popular casual wear among young people for their versatility and comfort. The typical polo offers a three-button closure, though two-button styles are also common.

Most polo T-shirts are made of moisture-wicking fabric like cotton or polyester blends. Brand-specific technologies also help keep you cool whether you are playing sports or not. Let’s check out the winning candidates.

Hanes Sport Men's Polo Shirt

Best Quick-Dry

Hanes’ short-sleeve, polyester polo features the best quick-dry capability, thanks to the company’s COOL DRI technology. The same design feature also protects you from UV rays and makes you feel as though you aren’t wearing a shirt at all. A tag-free neck and three-button placket keep you comfortable all around.

Under Armour Men's Golf Polo

Best Breathability

Under Armour’s sport polo is crafted from breathable polyester and elastane fabric, making for an impressive moisture-wicking shirt. Engineered with anti-odor technology, body odor-causing bacteria have no place on this shirt so you can sweat all day without worry. Wash in your machine when soiled and tumble dry or air dry.

Jerzees Men's Sport Shield Shirt

Best Value

Jerzees’ two-button black polo shirt is the best value choice on our list and is available in more than 20 other colors. A cotton and polyester blend renders this a breathable shirt that won’t shrink in the washing machine. The spot shield fabric resists water and oil stains while the welt knit collar avoids tacky curling.

For days when a T-shirt is too casual, but a button up is too proper, a sport polo is the logical choice. This functional shirt is appropriate on a golf course and is equally fitting for a brunch date. Whichever polo you decide on, the shirts on our list are guaranteed to keep you dry and looking sharp anywhere.

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Almost as ubiquitous as a men's T-shirt, the polo has taken another alteration, slimmer in silhouette and varied fabrics -- polos have entered both the high fashion and streetwear markets. Believe it or not, the polo shirt might just be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, able to be dressed up and paired with a pair of trousers for a more business casual look or worn with shorts and sneakers to hit the tennis courts.

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