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TGIF Shopping: Tarifa And Company Premium Swimwear Allows For 15K Customization Combinations

Tarifa and Company is a men’s swimwear brand that takes us right to the point where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet, to the small Spanish town of Tarifa.

There, they create customized, premium swim trunks, handmade by artisans of the trade using polyamide quick dry fabrics from Barcelona as a testament to the lineage of Spanish swim fabrics.

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“Spain has many rich and developed industries that are not well known outside the country,” explains Tarifa and Company co-founder Inigo Amoribieta. “We have a long tradition in footwear, leather goods and even olive oils. A lot of these primary goods are developed and worked elsewhere, where there is a much stronger entrepreneurial and merchant tradition. It is not uncommon to find Italian brands offering the best olive oils when the product is actually from Spain. Men’s swimwear has a strong center in and around Barcelona where many of the fabrics for men’s premium swimsuits are made. So Tarifa has just taken the elements that are at hand in the country, and merged them to create a unique project building on elements that were already there.”

Tarifa and Company typically offers about 20 fabrics at a time. As they work with small amounts of fabrics, they are constantly rotating the selections. Within these 20 trunks, the customer has the possibility to create over 15.000 combinations.

“The process begins by selecting your size, which is simply your waist measurement, and then continuing the selection by picking the length, fabric of the short, back pocket combination, cord color and terminal,” says Amoribieta. Once finished, you have the option to add up to three embroidered characters. As for repeats: “While we don’t have a strict policy about ‘repeats’ the reality is that we’ve never sold the same trunks twice,” he said.

Amoribieta recommends the classic cut of the trunks: boxer short at various lengths with a waistband and cord at the hips. “We’ve found this design to be the most favorable for most body types at the beach, and have tailored our pattern to ensure the best fit.”

Start creating your unique swimsuit (priced at $189) by visiting

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