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TGIF Shopping: Polo Experts Feldspar Brook Launches SoHo Flagship Store

Feldspar Brook has opened the doors to their first brick-and-mortar location, a brand-new flagship store in Manhattan’s SoHo district.

“Let’s be honest,” says Feldspar Brook’s Editor-In-Chief Robyn Roberts. “The construction process for your ‘first born,’ whether that’s a home or a business, is a rather painful one. Every new day at the site is just another opportunity to second guess those fixtures or that layout. But once it’s complete and the dust settles, things start to feel like home. The whole process has been surreal.”

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Feldspar Brook designs its polo shirts in the same place it was born, downtown Manhattan, taking its inspiration–and namesake–from the Feldspar Brook trickling stream in upstate New York. The idea to start the company came not only from passion, but a belief that the polo had not quite been mastered yet.

“The founders wanted to create something that wasn’t simply about a perfect shirt, they wanted compassion to resonate in everything Feldspar Brook put forth. We had the intellect along with the craftsmanship to design and manufacture ‘The Perfect Polo’ and what’s more, we were confident we could offer ours at a very competitive price.”

That price: $125.

The polos are made of pure, 100% Egyptian Pima cotton and are crafted through a process known as piece-dying (in which a continuous length of dry cloth is passed through a trough of hot dye solution). Perhaps best of all: Feldspar utilizes a controlled heating technique to pre-shrink the knits before the fabric is cut, thus each polo promises to retain a perfect shape through countless washes, resulting in almost 0% shrinkage over time.

“We aren’t about to sway someone to try chartreuse when all they wear is black or grey, unless they truly want to be swayed.”

If that’s the case, they have 27 colors (including banana creme and cool mint) with 29 additional colors and tones coming soon.

Visit Feldspar Brook’s newest flagship location at 80 Thompson Street or shop them online.