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TGIF Shopping: Norwegian Wool’s Fall Collection Is Here To Warm Your Chill

Long before Norwegian Wool founder and CEO Michael Berkowitz was committed to creating a brand combining style and function, he was “slumming it” on Wall Street.

“I never dreamed I would leave the world of commodity investments to go into fashion,” he says with a laugh. “However, my number one business interest always has been to solve problems and year after year I had the problem of not having a good coat. All of mine were either warm but not nice or nice but not warm. It seemed crazy that I looked in stores and online and could not find a tailored fitting coat that was actually designed for Northeast winters. So I decided that it might be time to play around with making some prototypes.”

When his first unit arrived back, it was down lined and waterproofed without the traditionally unaesthetically pleasing puffiness associated with winter coats. Realizing he was onto something, Berkowitz began selling units as a hobby and before long, it turned into a full time gig, forcing him to quit his position at the hedge fund.

The brand’s fall collection is lined with a specially engineered layer of 90 percent pure white down and 10 percent feathers specifically designed for sub-zero temperatures.

The unique “inner membrane” in between the wool/cashmere outer layer and the down lining adds wind resistance and creates additional warmth on days like… well, today.

All coats are 100% waterproof and contain seams and pockets expertly sealed so that moisture doesn’t seep into the lining. The side pockets are extra deep and fleece-lined for additional warmth.

Each coat in the collection been named after locations in Norway: The Lyngen line of coats is made from 100 percent Italian Merino Wool and, like its namesake, has a modern and natural look; The Velmunden line features classic Navy Blue and Midnight Black coats that are made from smooth and silky Italian cashmere wool blends; and the Nordlikht is made in Italy from 100 percent Cashmere and has an ultra-luxurious Rex Rabbit fur trim in the collar.

Check out the entire collection, starting at $845, here.

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