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TGIF Shopping: New Athletic Apparel Brand Offers Trial Run of Latest Product

In an effort to incorporate customer feedback into the design of their streamlined performance essentials, newly launched men’s athletic apparel brand Ten Thousand is inviting members of its community to try out their latest product, the Endurance Short, while it’s still in pre-production.

This is the first release to come out of the company’s “Labs” program, which seeks to meld design with consumer perspective by sharing new concepts, sketches, and innovations directly with the public. Ten Thousand co-founders Keith Nowak and Eugenio Labadie hope this collaboration will make for a dynamic development process.

“Our opportunity is in using the technology and tactics available today to fully embrace what it means to engage in an ongoing, two-way conversation with our customers,” states Nowak. “Part of this is listening to exactly what our actual customers need and then delivering just those products done really, really well.”

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And the products they are delivering are, in fact, done really, really well. With an emphasis placed on function over form, the brand takes a minimalist approach to athletic apparel, constructing pieces that are simple and intuitive.

Their latest piece, the lightweight Endurance Short, is perfect for long runs and other high-sweat, high-output workouts. It comes complete with a functional zipper pocket, a built in liner, a 4,000-candlepower reflective as well as laser cut ventilation along the seams.

It joins the Foundation Short ($48) and Foundation Shirt ($45) as the third product in Ten Thousand’s line of athletic wear.

Moving forward, the company hopes to provide more opportunities for members of the Ten Thousand community to share their opinions on what products they’d like to see and how they’d like these products to be made.

To join the conversation, and participate in the next pre-production trial run, subscribe to Ten Thousand’s email newsletter, found here.

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