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TGIF Shopping: Enro Launches E-Commerce, Unleashing The New “Best Performing Shirt In The World”

Enro, the luxury shirtmakers that have been at it since 1919, are finally launching an e-commerce platform on their site.

“In a market saturated with luxury shirting, Enro separates itself by our unique performance features built into every shirt,” according to the team at Enro. “It’s the difference between buying a Lexus and buying a Tesla. We’ve seen the beautiful fabrics, unique designs, and updated fits; but what about the technology? That’s where Enro comes in. We’re revolutionizing the dress shirt industry by providing ‘The Best Performing Shirt in the World.’”

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According to them, the biggest problem they observe in the marketplace is the preconceived notion that non-iron performance cannot co-exist with luxury. To address this, they have developed a dress shirt using superior luxury yarns with exclusive craftsmanship and finishing details.

The shirt–which they describe akin to a fully loaded luxury car–includes double-sewn button holes with no loose threads or uneven stitching, patented pucker-free technology to ensure smooth seams in shirt, collar and cuffs, as well as wrinkle-free, non-iron finishing with no creases or puckering.

Now if we’re going to to compare this to a fully loaded luxury car, surely there must be more features. Spoiler: There are. Many. The shirt additionally features patented cooling technology, a patented stain release finish keeps collar and cuffs immaculate wash after wash (reducing the formation of ‘collar ring’ and ‘cuff stains’), plus 30+ protection from UV-A and UV-B rays before and after washing without affecting color or comfort.

Best of all? No more dry cleaners. Ever. Simply toss it in the wash, throw it in the dryer, and boom, you’re ready to go.

“While the Enro man appreciates a timeless elegance,” says the team, “he knows that in today’s market you want to look tailored and successful, which our fitted shirt’s appearance delivers in or out of the boardroom.”

Enro’s shirts (and more) are available here starting as low as $79.50.

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