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TGIF Shopping: Chatting with Bezar Founder, Bradford Shellhammer

Bradford Shellhammer, who’s lengthy curriculum vitae includes Founding in 2010 and being named one of the ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’ by Fast Company, launched his latest venture Bezar just three months ago in March, 2015.

The digital platform enables both emerging designers and iconic brands to engage with customers through weekly curated online pop-up shops featuring designers’ collections in four categories: Art, House, Jewelry, and Accessories.

“I collect people the way I collect shoes or the way I collect art” Shellhammer says with a laugh. “Over time, you build up connections with people. Many of those connections are designers and makers, all of whom would complain and stress out and worry about the fact that they don’t have a way to get their products into the hands of consumers. I became aware of this vast supply of awesome design and no retailers showing that work.”

Why? They’re usually small-scale businesses that cannot fulfill orders and meet margin demands. Or, more commonly as Shellhammer reveals, designers tend to get knocked off by big companies because the big company can take the idea, mass produce it overseas, cut out the middleman, and sell it.

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Shellhammer’s aesthetic is not singular. He describes it as colorful, pop, modern, vibrant, accessible, easy and inclusive. “It’s a point of view I feel is missing not just from the retail landscape, but from the design world in general–which takes itself so seriously. So the goal with founding Bezar became to provide a platform for people who make really great things to get their product into the hands of consumers who want them.”

This week’s sales include handmade, minimalist canvas bags, stemless swirling glassware, as well as a two-in-one standard sized ping pong table that doubles as a dining tabl–the perfect gift for moms, girlfriends, or even you.

Asked what he’s most proud of, Bradford says it’s the fact that in the 90 days since launch, they’ve created a brand, not just put a website up that sells things. “Bezar is imbued with a spirit and a soul and a visual identity that’s instantly recognizable.”

Check out this week’s sale on Bezar.

Image credit: Italic, RS Barcelona

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