Super Sweet Sweatshirts by Good Measure

You know that stage of the night when you’re in the bar, the empty beer bottles are stacked up and you and your comrades get to talking about business. And there, slumped over the bar as they call last orders you hatch the million dollar idea that you’re sure is the niche everyone has been waiting for. Well that’s how the concept behind supreme separates label Good Measure was born. Except it was in an English pub. And the plan actually came into fruition.

Identified simply and a little mysteriously, as just John, Carl and Fred, the trio of beer-swilling sweatshirt freaks set out to produce the ultimate sweatshirt. They wanted to create a beautiful basic that ought to appear in every style conscious man’s wardrobe. To do that, the three blue-sky thinkers wanted to oversee each process of the production, from knitting their own fabric to the fastidiously crafted swing tags.

They also felt passionately that where possible, all production should be based in the UK, as a tribute to Lancashire, their stomping ground and an area formerly known as the centre of the cotton industry. After years of door knocking and planning, the first Good Measure sweatshirt, the M-21 crew neck, is now available to buy and has been very recently joined by ‘Good’ limited edition t-Shirt, which stands as the brand’s second ode to vintage US sportswear.

Every design detail of each piece has been so scrupulously pored over, that even the most OCD dresser would be forced to tip his hat. Hand dyed, sumptuous 350g loop back jersey, ribbed v neck insert, cover stitched seams, bar tacked seams for optimum strength…not bad for a late night lager chat.