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Stock Up on Essentials With Manpacks

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You’ve all done it before. You’re going about your daily business and then you realize that — you’re out of shaving cream or toothpaste. Or worse — you’re about to get lucky with a lady and there aren’t anymore condoms in your bedside table drawer! You won’t have to find yourself in those situations anymore thanks to Manpacks, a website that allows you to build your own selection of essentials and have them shipped to you on a quarterly basis.

First of all, you have to sign up and give a very bro-appropriate Internet fist bump and get ready to shop. Running low on underwear? Go through Manpacks’s selection. You can choose from Pact Organic Boxer Briefs to Champion Performance Stretch briefs to the good old Hanes Sport Style Boxer Brief. Is American Apparel more your speed? They have that too. If t-shirts are what you need, you can go through a plethora of crewnecks, V-necks and tanks from American Apparel, Hanes, Calvin Klein. Are your socks collecting holes? You can get those at Manpacks too.

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If grooming products are what you need — you’ll find everything you can imagine at Manpacks. Get a Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush — trust us, we know from our own experience that Nimbus toothbrushes are the best on the market right now — to avoid getting any painful dental work done. Get some Man Stuff man wash to scrub up after a day at the gym. Lips getting a little rough? Go for the ChapFix men’s lip balm. Manpacks even has a solution for a very manly problem: Fresh Balls, to keep your sweaty balls nice and fresh. It’s  aluminum free, paraben free, and talc free, and contains oatmeal as an anti-irritant and tea tree oil to kill bacteria. Need we say more? If you want to stay fresh, clean and well stocked, go to Manpacks and get your custom kit today!

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