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Spring 2015 Trend Watch: New Stripes

Fashion is going sideways for stripes—literally. Take, for instance, Haspel’s natty pairing of horizontal stripes with a linen suit above. It’s just the kind of look worth copping all season long. Still, weren’t we all warned at one point never to wear horizontal stripes? Spring introduces several new approaches to stripes: brands are co-opting them to make fewer preppy, nautical, and military references than fun, optical statement pieces. Aside from new and exciting placements of stripes, designers are even juxtapositioning stripes for dimensional effect and even piecing together different fabrics to create more textural stripes. Meanwhile bolder stripes can have the welcome effect of changing one’s proportions for the better and adding just the right pop of color (and wit) to an outfit. Here, 10 ways in which brands are reinterpreting stripes with a cool, modern flair:

“Constance” trim fit blue/white stripe shirt in cotton, Haspel, $225.

Handwoven organic contrasting stripe shirt, Neuba, $228.

Blue knitted stripe cotton polo, Topman, $50.

Navy rugby stripe sweatshirt in cotton, Archival Clothing, $90.

Indian Madras cotton popover shirt, GANT Rugger, $125.

Side-striped cotton tee, Maison Kitsune, $115.

Striped Craft-T in Egyptian cotton, Craft Atlantic, $95.

10-1/2” Maddox Berber short in cotton, Club Monaco, $79.50.

Alma cotton-poly sweatpant, John Elliott & Co., $295.

Linen stripe pocket square, Apolis, $30.

Tim Yap
Former Digital Trends Contributor
Contributing writer Tim Yap was born in Kuala Lumpur and lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver and Toronto prior to moving…
The best-selling colognes for men (because some things are popular for a reason)
Mainstream cologne is a good thing
mistakes to avoid whenyou buy cologne handsome bearded man is using atomizer nozzle with perfume

Who remembers going to the bathroom in high school or popping into the gas station when you were 16 years old and on the way to the dance for a little splash of Cool Water? Looking back now, it wasn't a great cologne. It was never a popular men's cologne with any crowd outside of high school. Hell, we at my little high school town may have been the only ones that ever used it (and used it very unsparingly, I might add). If that is the case, then ignore everything I just said and let's start again.

What makes a cologne become a staple in our society? What is it about certain fragrances that stand the test of time and seem to show up constantly on every man's shelf and sink? Is it the fragrance itself? Are we that in love with sandalwood and musk? Or maybe it is the bottle. Perhaps it is the marketing campaign that drew us in. Or maybe the simple spritz can take us to a time in our life when we discovered the smell for the first time. A fond memory that makes us want to revisit the moment every morning when getting ready for work.

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This is everything new about the TAG Heuer Aquaracer
TAG Heuer gives its Aquaracer Professional 300 some enhancements
TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300 Pro 2024

TAG Heuer's resurgence persists. After a Glassbox redesign of the Carrera Chronograph and a revival of the original Formula 1 watch, the brand has now cast its gaze toward the Aquaracer. Like a kid at the back of the class who is super smart but hasn't been given the opportunity to live up to his full potential, the Aquaracer Professional 300 always felt like it lagged behind its peers a bit. Well, Tag Heuer has brought it up to the front of the class and given it a big makeover.

While the 2022 update introduced several enhancements such as new dials, movements, and updated case and bracelet designs, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 has once again undergone a transformation with smaller case sizes, better movements, and more aesthetically pleasing dials.
TAG Heuer 2024 Aquaracer Professional 300

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G-Shock finally gives some attention to ‘Air’ in its Master of G series
G-Shock releases GRAVITYMASTER GR-B300, inspired by airplane cockpits
G-Shock Gravitymaster colors

G-Shock is not known as a brand that makes watches for pilots, or anything aviation-inspired; those brands are usually Longines, IWC, or even Zenith. Generally, when you think of G-Shock, you probably imagine a mud-covered man running through the forest when it's pouring rain, checking his watch as he splashes through puddles with a sweat-covered brow. However, the brand has surprised us all.

Following a brief break since the launch of the GR-B200 in August 2020, the GRAVITYMASTER GR-B300 has been released this year. While G-Shock expanded the Master of G series last year, celebrating the land category with Mudman, Mudmaster, and Rangeman, we can finally take to the skies and move into the "Air" category with the newest release, screaming "up, up, and away" in the process. Not only is the GRAVITYMASTER GR-B300 a celebration of aviation, but it draws serious inspiration from supersonic jets and modern aircraft with its sleek design. As aviation itself advances, so too must pilot watches and the new GRAVITYMASTER GRB-300 exemplifies this to a T.

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