Rodd & Gunn-American Prep Meets Kiwi Style

Here in the United States, preppy style is abundant-from the campuses of the Ivy League and prep schools, to the most traditional regions across the country. This look is oddly one of menswear’s most conservative trends, (even though pink pants are involved), yet also its most current.

Today, Rodd & Gunn enjoys iconic status in its native New Zealand, with a strong and loyal following throughout Europe, Australia and Asia. With more than 80 company-owned retail stores or “Lodges”, the brand is a club all itself. Now being sold in over 150+ stores across the U.S., simply put, Rodd & Gunn represents the very best of New Zealand’s fresh, rugged attitude—gone global.

The brand takes its inspiration from a balanced “work hard/play hard” lifestyle, incorporating its core customers’ love of sports, passion for travel, respect for the environment and desire to be a part of the global community. Rodd & Gunn stays true to its values of quality and authenticity, all while capturing an energetic, casual attitude.

Founded in 1946, the brand takes its name from fishing and hunting/shooting clubs across, not only New Zealand, but across the U.S. and around the world. Rodd & Gunn is most well known for their tailored khaki short that can work from a hike to a date.  They are also the kings of the rugby jersey.   Since rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, it only makes since that they celebrate such an icon piece of clothing. It doesn’t hurt that their Creative Director, John Prikryl, played rugby in college, and continues to play at the club level.

The brand philosophy is to create clothes that draw the best from nature in its purest state. Hence the focus on linens, denims, cottons, wools and leathers that are soft, practical, superbly textured and durable. The result being a clothing and accessory collection that is completely modern, yet firmly grounded in the brand’s traditional core values.

We here at The Manual are fans, so see if so they are available in stores your area, or shop online and let us know if you find them as foxy as we do.