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Cycle in Style with Rapha

Let’s face it the bike craze has been trending pretty hard these days. Bike lanes and bikesharing programs are opening in metro areas nationwide. Cycling gyms are leaving the gym behind and popping up on enough corners to give Starbucks a run for its money. If this is your scene take note of British-owned Rapha. The brand just launched their new City Riding Collection with some go-to pieces for the guy that pedals just about everywhere. Rapha specifically designed this line for the city guy that bikes daily and needs a versatile wardrobe. Check out our top three picks from the collection.

The Lapelled Jacket- Our favorite item from the collection – this jacket is essentially a blazer for the city cyclist. It’s constructed to protect from the elements, but looks sharp when you’re in the office or on the road. ($450)

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Rapha & Raeburn Jacket – A lightweight jacket made for the cooler temps and versatile on the road. Composed of part merino wool it features eco-friendly insulation. It has a quilted military design and can be packed into one of its pockets. ($600 Limited Edition)

Rapha Jeans – Perfectly cut with the cyclist in mind this denim features a high back and low-rise front, not to mention a straight leg cut. These are super durable and even feature a wide back pocket that fits a bike lock if you’re on the go.  ($220)

Rapha just opened their first East Coast store in New York. They also have a shop in San Francisco and sell with select retailers. Take a look at their online store too.

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