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President Stays True to its Tuscan Design Roots for AW13/14

When it comes to fit, quality fabrics and top-notch craftsmanship, Italian designers are unprecedented. Like some unspoken guarantee or silent seal of approval, we automatically expect pieces that fit like a glove and last a lifetime.

Tuscan menswear label President is no exception. Founded in 1957, the brand dedicates an entire year to produce a single capsule collection. According to head designer Guido Biondi, who is the third generation of his family to head up the brand, it is his strict policy of sourcing every scrap of material and each crafting process from local artisans that equates to the brand’s supreme level of quality.

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For autumn/winter 2013/14, President present a collection inspired by the craftsmanship and design features of traditional military garments. Therein lies a subtly sartorial collection that does not break with function; these are clothes that will form the foundations of your everyday wardrobe and inspire a feeling of modernity via a comfortable sharpness. Of course, the Tuscan design spirit is evident in every stitch, hood and lapel. And the warm colour palette evokes street style images of Pitti Uomo’s usual suspects: cognac, salmon pink and burnt orange are the perfect companions to tailored chambray shirts and the Travel Nylon Gumm Jacket.

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